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Sep 17, 2008 04:40 PM

cafe/bakery/coffeehouse near Grand Central?

Hey all,

meeting a friend for coffee near Grand Central, but don't know that area at all (well, except for the naturopath drugstore and my dentist). Would appreciate recommendations for anyplace within 10-12 minutes of GC.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. not sure if inside the grand central is ok. but there are public seating downstairs of gc. there are quite a few places that sell coffee and/or baked goods. i like cucina & co. there is a restuarant connected to it that you can sit down and order coffee and desserts. other than that, there are juniors, little pie company, starbucks, ciao bella, joe, hot & crusty, oren's, zaros, etc.

    1. Macchiato Espresso Bar, 141 E 44th St, is half a block east of the Lexington Ave exit of Grand Central. I still recall, fondly, the latte I had there last December.

      1. Personally, I always find the food court in the lower level of Grand Central Terminal to be dirty and depressing. However, there is a brand new Joe the Art of Coffee (local NYC chain with great espresso) in the Graybar Passage in GCT itself. Not sure if they have any seating, as it might be more of a to-go place.

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          Joe's is a pure to-go spot
          You can try the 2 japanese bakeries/cafes in the neighborhood. Cafe Zaiya is on 41st between Madison and 5th while its newer, much nicer sister store Cafe Zest is on 47th st between Lexington and 3rd.

          1. re: kathryn

            To-go only. Although they will serve drinks in real mugs if you feel like drinking it there but there is no real room there.