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Sep 17, 2008 04:33 PM

Hamilton-Alabama BBQ v. Big Bad Wolf

I haven't tried either one...yet. Which one is my best bet?

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  1. Either one is a pretty safe bet. I give the edge to BBW with meat, sauces and mac and cheese. Like the pineapple cole slaw at Alabama. They also have solid mac and cheese - less creamy than BBW but it has a nice swiss flavor and a thick cheese crust. Just thought their sauces needed some work. Bigger portions than BBW.
    Try both!

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    1. re: rudmansjmu

      Im gonna try em Saturday, neither is open Sundays, on the way up to North point flea market. Well one of em, both are on Hartford road. Thank you!

      1. re: RobertM

        That's Harford Rd., not Hartford. I give the nod to BBW. Alabama has some great food, but the service is lackadaisical and the owner gives the impression that he'd rather be anywhere else. Also, they do not advertise beyond a couple of tiny chalkboard signs which, in this town is suicide.

        1. re: quarterjack

          Well, drove up Saturday. Alabama was not open 11:30 AM, so I went up to BBW. Got Ribs and Beef sandwich. Gonna go to Alabama next week.
          You can smell that wood from the street. Now BBw: Ok if you want a close by place, or cant drive a car to go someplace else. To me BBW seemed par boiled and bland, the sauce was nice, but the meat was vapid and mushy. I plan to get up to Andy Nelson's, but for now it is just too far from DC for Q.Im gonna hit Willard's Tuesday, I work close by in Ashburn VA. KBQ is still my standard hot or cold. Nothing like it in the DC area. But like a true hound, Im sill out here looking.

    2. We tried Alabama BBQ tonight with mixed results. I thought it was a bit pricey at $26 for one pulled pork sandwich and one ribs dinner. When we got it home, we realized that they shorted us a side of beans. Although everything tasted good, but I thought it was over-priced. Plus I didn't think there was enough sauce on the pulled pork, but I suppose if we go back I could just ask for extra sauce.

      BBW is next on the list. It's a little closer to home, so I hope we like it better.