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Sep 17, 2008 04:17 PM

Samba and Sushi or Japanese place in Needham

Want to take two kids out for Japanese style grill dinner- they love steak and would enjoy the show. Which place do you think is better to take two kids 5 and 7 yo? Or do you have another suggestion?? TIA

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  1. My daughter just turned 10, and she wanted to go to Fuji Steakhouse in Needham, which we did. She's loved it since we moved here when she was almost 7. It's not so much the food for her as it is the whole show aspect of it...the grownups like the food, though! :) Haven't been to the other place so can't speak to that.

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      I second the Fuji suggestion. My 3-5 years old enjoyed it everytime.

    2. Thanks to you both for the info. Any particular suggestions on the food??