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Rosoff's sauerkraut

I used to be able to get this brand of bottled fresh kraut at Stop & Shop, but haven't seen it in some time. Shaw's only carries Ba-Tamte, which I don't find as tasty. Is there anyplace in Boston or Brookline that still carries Rosoff's? With the cool weather this week I'm planning to make a batch of szegedin goulash for dinner Friday night, and I need some good kraut!

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  1. Rosoff's has been absent at my Ghetto-Basket for about 4 months. along with their half sours.

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      I bought a big jar at BJ's a couple of weeks ago.

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        The only place I see it anymore is BJ's also (the one in Stoneham has it)

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          Anyone seen it at the Framingham BJ's? We're headed there this Sunday.

      2. haven't checked but i would think the butcherie would be a good bet.

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          Nope, they don't carry it, at least not the two times I checked there last year.

          They do have a pretty decent brand from NY which I have used (Russo's also carries a different good fresh kraut from NY), but I have local pride and would prefer to use the Rosoff's.

        2. I too miss my Rosoff's kraut... I am happy to hear it can be found at BJ's because I just assumed they went out of business or stopped making the product. It is the best kraut ever... I can eat it right out of the jar!

          1. It's funny how, when reminded. you miss somehing you use to always have when growing up. I use to love Rosoff's and forgot all about it. Now I'm obsessed with finding it again. I did some online searching, and it came up that a deli in Worcester has it. Tom's International Deli (508) 755-7295

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              I bought some last week at Bay State Job Lots on Route 1 in "Norwood?".

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                As an alternative, Ocean State Job Lots has some decent sauerkraut from Germany and Poland from time to time. It isn't fresh, but is a nice change from some of the over-salted and vinegared grocery store stuff that comes in plastic bags.

            2. Confirmed Rosoff's Sauerkraut sighting today at the BJ's in Dedham on Rt. 1.

              A couple of weeks ago at the same BJs, I bought a huge glass jars of Rosoff half-sour pickles which were OMG, so super snappy good, just the exact right color green I like a half-sour to be.

              1. Just to follow up - we did indeed find 1/2 gallon jars of Rosoff's sauerkraut at the Framingham BJ's, and had a lovely goulash for dinner last night. Thanks to all!

                1. The Danver's BJ's has the big plastic containers. They are not as fresh and crunchy as the smaller glass jar. Where are the glass jars????

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                    Stop and Shop on Harvard Street in Brookline had Rosoffs sauerkraut today, in the kosher section

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                      If S&S is carrying Rosoff's again, that's very good news. When I started this thread, over 9 months ago, it was specifically because I could no longer find Rosoff's sauerkraut at Stop & Shop, including the Brookline branch.

                  2. Rosoff's Sauerkraut in the glass jar is THE ONE !! It is pickled. The stuff at BJ's is just plain sauerkraut !

                    1. I used to live in Brookline off route nine years ago, relocated to New Jersey and have found a very special product that has nearly the same taste a Rosoff's sauerkraut. Geshmak Health Salad which is fat free, low in calories can be served solo as a great side dish, or drain about a third of the juice and put it under your favorite roast and create a great tasting warm cabbage. I hear the Health Salad can be found at BJ's or Costco in Waltham. The taste sure brings me back to the early sixties in Brookline.

                      1. GO TO BJS wholesale club they carry it