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Sep 17, 2008 03:38 PM

good non-Mex dinner in Santa Fe?

Any recommendations for a nice non-mexican dinner in Santa Fe? I'm looking for someplace with great food, somewhat casual (don't want to have to dress up), not too pricey. While I absolutely love it, I'd like a break from southwest/mexican -- asian, american, italian, or whatever. We pretty much love it all.


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  1. Cafe Paris, [31 Burro Alley Street just around the corner from Lensic Theatre] has authentic french bistro food:

    The Ore House on the Plaza is also good.

    French Pastry Shop & Restaurant 100 E San Francisco St for a sweet treat.


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      I heartily agree about Cafe Paris, but be sure to save LOTS of room for dessert.

      315 is another excellent place for a green chile respite.

    2. I would recommend either Harry's Roadhouse or Mudu Noodles (