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Sep 17, 2008 02:21 PM

Who hates natto?

I know natto is good for you and most of my family (on the Japanese side) eats it regurarly. But I find the smell of natto repulsive and it gags me. I hate natto, never tried it, never will.

Anyone else hate natto?

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  1. oh man the smell just always gets to me. when I lived in Japan EVERYONE would offer it to me and laugh when I declined their offer.

    1. one of the very few Japanese foods I still can't stand.
      I grew up in Kansai (Osaka) region though, and people there are known not to like it so much for some reason, unlike Kanto (Tokyo) people, who love it. Not sure why.

      My brother on the other hand loves it.

      1. I used to hate, now I don't mind it, but given a choice, I decline...

        I have eaten where it's been put on top of an omelette with green onions and laid on a bed of rice - that wasn't bad...

        1. Seriously? I've found natto one of the least potentially offensive fermented foods. Do whatever you like, though...

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            I know! Americans make way too big a deal about Natto. There are plenty of other foods that much more aggressively scented (stinky cheeses, for example) that no one makes a fuss about. The texture is different when compared to most western food, but If you ignore the smell, natto is actually pretty bland and boring.

            They're just beans!

            1. re: Humbucker

              I'm impressed by your ability to discern a poster's nationality merely by words typed on a screen, Humbucker. Did you note that the OP has Japanese family?

          2. The texture is a lot like okra...I love okra.