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Sep 17, 2008 02:19 PM

Sunday breakfast in Woodland Hills?

I'm finding myself coming down from SF to the LA area this weekend. Can anyone recommend a good breakfast - not brunch - place in the Woodland Hills area? Seems that I always get stuck with family suggestions of places like Denny's and iHop. Help! I need something decent or I'll go crazy. Thanks!

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  1. CiCi's
    Bobby's Diner (OK, it's a greasy spoon, but a good one!)
    Breakfast at Jerry's Famous Deli ain't so bad
    I know it's a brunch, but in Chatsworth, the Woodland's Pure Brunch is damn fine
    Nat's West in Canoga Park.

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      I know it it a bit out of the area you requested but Brent's Deli is good.

      1. CiCi's is w, good food, huge portions, and they are only open for breakfast and lunch so they do what they do well. Also in Tarzana Il Temizzo recently opened, they have a nice patio on Ventura Blvd. and good breakfast options.