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Sep 17, 2008 02:05 PM

Five Guys Coming to Kingston!

So, I'm taking my time in traffic on Ulster Avenue in Kingston, and what do I spy out of the corner of my eye but a new building with a pretty good sized sign for Five Guys Burgers. Opening Soon! it says, and they are hiring NOW!

Hey, bob gaj, it's worth a try!

I may even become a regular on Ulster Avenue, despite the terrible traffic jams they have there.

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  1. heh heh...thanks george. i've tried it at a couple locations, and it's real good for fast food...but i wouldn't go as i would a restaurant. i like my burgers rarer than they will cook them (i think they're "done" and "well done", nothing pink). when it opens up, you'll have to give a comparison to how armadillo's burger matches up..?

    having said that, the fries are quite nice.

    OH!!!!! you like the beef...please, go to elephant (wine bar) and get the beef heart. the beef flavor is so intense, it will blow you away. and it doesn't look or taste like something awful. small portion, but great flavor.

    also, markp (if you read this) thanks for the np update on toscani...unfortunate...

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    1. re: bob gaj

      Bob, you know a subsequent poster on that thread nailed it. The second generation within that family has never cared all that much about the food part of the, um, food business he inherited. Instead, he's grown up to be our local Donald Trump, with his hands knuckle-deep in bids and contracts rather than mama's mozzarell. We do miss that cheese and those little hot stuffed peppers.

      George, I share your excitement about Five Guys. Bob is right: "real good for fast food." I've eaten at their locations in downtown DC and at the old "Two Guys" location in Hackensack NJ. They're always a welcome sight when you're stranded and starving. Now I don't have to pack a pbj when I'm slacking off with a long novel at the Barnes and Noble across the street.

      I wish I knew of better (i.e. non-chain) food options along that corridor. I'm always inclined to head to Gabriel's in the Stockade or to pop across the bridge to Rhinebeck. A friend tells me that that the Chinese joint just up the road in the Office Depot strip mall plaza is pretty good. Haven't been. I will definitely check out Elephant!

      1. re: markp

        Hey, Mark, Kingston Wok near the Staples (not Office Depot) is pretty good for a cheapish lunch. I did notice on my last visit there that the portions had shrunk by about 30 percent in the last year or so, but still reasonable.

        Try the Armadillo burger (Saturdays and Sundays only for lunch, Tuesday through Sunday for dinner) and you will be impressed. I find myself ordering it more often than the TexMex food, even though the TexMex is very good, too!

        As for other options in the Ulster Avenue corridor, just the usual chain food, but keep in mind that this was a vast wasteland for food ten years ago, and has become a battleground for shopping and chain food since then.

        As always, any of the diners around (Michaels, Kings Valley, etc.) are a good bet, if unexciting.

        1. re: georgeb

          I prefer China Rose on Ulster Ave to the china wok for a quick fix.

          I've never had the Armadillo burger so I'll give it a shot. I've always been a fan of downtown cafe's burger. That's generally where I go when the burger crave sets in.

          Mark...absolutely try elephant. I don't see how any adventurous meat eater can leave disappointed.

          1. re: georgeb

            La Florentina next to China Rose is our "goto" place on Ulster Ave.
            The Fonduta Gambri appetizer is wonderful.

      2. I like the Hoffman House for burgers.

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        1. re: Fred19

          Can you believe how hard it is to find a good burger in Kingston? I meanis the state of burgers so bad that we look forward to chains like 5 Guys or texas grill to come in and fill the void? personally i like the Armadillo burger & the Hoffman House burger but for a truly great, meaty burger I go to the Route 28 Hickory for a cheese burger with bacon, mushrooms & onions.

          1. re: Dale J.

            Well, there's plenty of bad burgers out there. When Ruby Tuesday had their Prime Burger, I gave it a try and was sorely disappointed.

            Of course, everyone has an opinion, but I have found (I did give it several tries) the Hickory burger to be bland.

            I've tried most of the highly rated burgers in NYC, favoring the Shake Shack and Burger Joint for their relative simplicity and good flavor, not dissimilar to the West Coast chaing, In-N-Out.

            Five Guys may be the closest Kingston will ever get to having something reminiscent of an In-N-Out burger.

            1. re: georgeb

              Dale and George, Hudson Valley burger-lusters feel your pain! There are high-end burger joints in every NYC neighborhood these days, from Good Burger (my own fave) to Better Burger. Let me ask you, if Danny Meyer or anyone capable of doing a reasonable knockoff of Shake Shack came to the Paltz-Kingston-Pokey area, would we not stuff their pockets silly with cash?

              CIA kids: the economy is tanking. Think "Hudson Valley burger joint." Forget fine dining. I can eat $28 short ribs any night of the week up here. What I can't eat is a good burger-joint-style burger because there aren't any! Clue-in: High grade beef, ground daily -- not too thick, please... Soft, yeasty, locally baked bun , not a hard roll, thank you (maybe the Bread Alone kids can help you out)... Fresh-cut fries; scratch condiments... A couple of decent regional brews on tap... I repeat: we will stuff your pockets with so much cash you'll be able to do that tasting tour around Italy and France you've been dreaming about.