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Sep 17, 2008 01:48 PM

kosher bakeries in new jersey

any suggestions? we live in middlesex county - but can travel for great baked goods.

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  1. The West Orange Bake Shop has a few really good items like the poppy cake.

    1. I will take on the role of party pooper on this site and just say that "Butterflake" in Teaneck is overpriced and overblown. How is the cookie place in Livingston? I hear they have other baked goods too.

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      1. re: cappucino

        I went to gimmee jimmy's, the new cookie place. They have beautiful cakes, cupcakes. I had a red velvet cupcake-quite tasty.

      2. The only place worth going to is Lakewood's Heimishe bakeryand maybe Classy Cakes and a Viennese Table for cheese cakes. Don;t waste you time on the places mentioned above. Some people say Zadies in Fair lawn is good, but I don't see anything special about them. (Apart from challos that look similar to zomicks)

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          Nothing in Lakewood--definately Classy Cakes--is worth raving about. I guess no one really knows anymore what good baked goods are. I'm betting that Williamsburg is still a place to get decent cookies and award-winning marble cakes. There's just something about straightforward, freshly made, non-artificial tasting cake. I will try gimme jimmy's thanks to you, koshergourmetmart.

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              Just so you know, we finally got to Gimme Jimmy's. Yummy. The butter in the batter obviously makes a difference. Expensive, but a once in a blue moon treat. I think the sugar high will last me a couple of years.

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                gimmee jimmy in livingston has lost its hasgacha

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                  Heimishe Bake Shop is good but not great. However, they have the best coffee of any kosher establishment I've ever been in.

        2. Zadies is phenomenal. Their chocolate kiss cake is great. If you are willing to travel I would also recommend Rollings bakery in Elkins Park, Pa (a little north of Philly).

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          1. re: vallevin

            I'm intrigued...what is in the Zaide's chocolate kiss cake?

          2. Zadies in Fair lawn is by far the best and worth the trip from anywhere. Their Chocolate Chip Challies make a GREAT French Toast.

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              Just tried Yochie's Heimish Bakery on Main Avenue in Passaic. Old-fashioned bakery with all the usual cakes, cookies and pastries plus breads and rolls. The honey cake was still warm when we bought it and ohhh the chocolate babka....all very fresh. Although we stopped in Eruv Rosh Hashanna, friends tell me it's consistnely good there.

              1. re: medford

                Yochie's makes a great challah too.