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Sep 17, 2008 01:38 PM

Dock's Oyster Bar

I will be staying Sunday night at Bally's and was looking for a great place to eat. I'm from New York so restaurants that I have here would not be of interest. I stayed in AC once before and dined at Sea Blue, which was excellent. I prefer seafood. Has anyone been to Dock's or can you suggest another place to check out. Thanks so much.

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  1. I ate at Dock's once, about 5 months ago, and would go back. My guests and I enjoyed our food very much, and it was uniformly fresh seafood ... although other than a mixed dozen oysters on the half shell to start, I can't recall what we all had. I do remember having a nice chablis 1er cru by the glass that was delicious. Despite the place being very busy on the night we were there (quite the bustle and several group tables being served), service was pleasant and efficient.

    Although I haven't been to SeaBlue, I have liked Michael Mina's eponymous venues in Las Vegas and San Francisco. Unfortunately, I haven't spent much time in AC, so I'm not able to recommend another seafood place there. A couple of years ago, I dined at Ombra (Italian) at the Borgata and liked that a lot. I'm sure there are many other posts on this board for AC recommendations. Good luck; let us know what you decide and how it goes.

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      Thanks, I'm pretty sure I'm going to Dock's unless I hear some scathing review. Will report back

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        I thought this place might be related to the two Docks Oyster Bar locations in NYC, both of which I've been to. However, via Google, I see that the correct name for the restaurant in Atlantic City is Dock's Oyster *House*. I can't offer an opinion about the food because I've never eaten there. One thing I did notice when looking at their website. They've received a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, so that does say something about their wine program.

    2. We're seeing Robin Williams at the Borgata this weekend and we'll be having a pre show dinner. Thinking of Dock's or Sea Blue but open for suggestions.
      Any shared thoughts appreciated. :-}

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        Had a great meal at Bobby Flay's Steak at the Borgata this summer. Once you have parked at the hotel, why not eat there.

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          Thank you for your excellent suggestion.I have actually dined at Bobby Flay's, Old Homestead and Wolfgang Puck's. Had great meals at all three with Puck's just a 'leeeeetle' bit more enjoyable.. I just thought perhaps a restaurant specializing in seafood might be a nice change.
          I think what you said about parking once, (catching the show) and dining at the Borgata is a very smart idea.
          Thanks! :-}