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Sep 17, 2008 01:38 PM

Asia Bakery in Mississauga (Afghani)

Went recently to Asia Bakery in Mississauga to get our usual order of Afghani bread when we noticed they expanded to the shop beside it and are now selling pizza and bolani as well!

Bolani is a traditional Afghani filled flat-bread stuffed with spinach, pumpkin, potato, or leeks. As I'm married to an Afghani, I've had homemade ones made by my MIL.

We haven't tried it yet but will report back once I do. We've had it from other places like Bamiyan Kabob and there's a place in Pickering too (don't know the name as my SIL always orders takeout from there when we visit her) but they don't put enough filling in them. The one in Pickering provides a kick-ass chutney on the side though! :) I can get the name of the place if anyone is interested.

Just a side note on the Afghani bread, very cheap and tasty. We order a lot and freeze it, stays fresher that way.

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  1. Pickering?!! Yes, the name please! :) I'm in Ajax and always going to pickering so I'd appreciate it.

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      BamiaWruz, it's called Khawar, it's right at the intersection of Kingston and Brock Rd, northwest corner just across from the police station. Their sign is green.

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        Khawar Cafe?? I go there, and passed by it yesterday! love their canned skipjack tuna in oil. Wow, I gotta go there and get some of that afghani bread!

        Thank you, and to your sister in law too:)

    2. Asia Bakery in Mississauga is at Kirwin+Dundas W, just east of Hurontario. Nice breads at good prices.

      1. I live just up the road from this bakery, and absolutely ADORE the bolani that I've tried, both the pumpkin bolani and the leek, which is an especial favourite of mine. They put just the right amount of filling, that is, not enough for it to fall apart, but enough for you to be able to taste the wonderful spicing and ingredients. I usually get the yogurt sauce/dip with it, that is a wonderful accompaniment. The bolani are not small, and are the perfect size for a small meal. A neighbour swears by their chicken and rice dish (I'm sorry that I don't know the proper name for it). The menu is limited, and other than a counter, there's really nowhere to sit to eat, but then, there are lots of parks nearby to go to enjoy a picnic! The people there are delightful as well!