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Sep 17, 2008 01:25 PM

Where to eat on the road?

Driving tomorrow from Orlando to Gulf Shores, AL, and back again on Sunday. I've driven the I-75 part many times, but what is there on I-10? thanks!

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  1. Not much until Tallahassee. If you're just doing a quick lunch of sandwiches, you might want to try Hopkins on 1415 Market Square which is very near the Tallahassee exit for Capital Circle/ Thomasville 319 (exit 201, I think is the number). For sit down, Lucy Ho's has a decent buffet. There's also Osaka Sushi on Raymond Diehl just south of I-10. Or Mozaik's across from Hopkins( I think they may be open on Sunday). Check the Tallahassee threads if you have time to venture further in town.

    In Live Oak, there are a couple of local fave spots but they are about 5-7 miles off the interstate.

    And in Defuniak Springs, there used to be a decent BBQ place. Forgot the name but there are signs on I-10.

    Otherwise pack something from home for the car.

    Sorry, I-10 from Jacksonville to Pensecola is basically chowless except for fast food joints.

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        In case you haven't left yet. Or see this for your return. If you're looking for a good burger and other options near the interstate, very near the Tallahassee exit I mentioned is Ted's Montana. They have a great buffalo burger. Service is pretty quick unless they're crowded. Coming from Gulf Shores you take the exit, go straight through the light ( Raymond Diehl Road) to Capital Circle NE, hang a right, it's about a 1/4 mile down Cap Circle on your left by a car dealership.

        Have a safe trip.

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          We stopped for breakfast/lunch, on the recommendation of the clerk at the Florida tourist information center, at Wayne's Family Diner on I-10 near the Florida/Alabama state line (coming from Alabama it is at Exit 7A, just inside Florida; not sure what the exit number would be traveling in the opposite direction). The diner is adjacent to a Ruby Tuesday and a Holiday Inn Express.

          This facility is immaculate, including the restrooms. The menu is standard diner fare. My wife had a late breakfast. Very satisfactory. I couldn't pass on the fried chicken platter, apparently a house specialty. Cooked to order, greaseless, and outstanding. I got the dark meat option, a drumstick and a thigh, which came with excellent stuffing and gravy and a broad choice of two other sides..............for $7.99!!!!! The tourist information clerk said not to miss the chicken and dumplings special if on offer. I believe him. Wayne's Family Diner is a sure bet for highway travelers.

    1. There is a Seafood Place in AL by the USS alabama had some real good food there, you see it Advertised on i-10, I stopped there on the way to NOLA... I forget the name, and I couldnt find the menu I kept from there. But the Seafood was real fresh

      1. state/county roads are where the real grub is at.