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Sep 17, 2008 01:08 PM

Decatur or Little 5 Points (Atlanta, GA)

Hi All,

New to the site.
Any recommendations- my wife and myself- weekend and Monday.
Especially looking for places with great beer selections and/or brunch.


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  1. Brick Store Pub on the square in Decatur is supposed to have one of the best beer selections in Atlanta. Watershed in Decatur has a great Sunday brunch. Don't know much about Little 5.

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    1. re: Duncan

      I'd say it's one of the best beer bars in the country.

      A recent newcomer is The Porter beer bar in L5P. I've heard good things about the beer selection and food, but haven't made it yet myself.

      Don't forget that no one's going to serve on Sunday until 12:30.

      I don't ever go to brunch, but the last time I did was at Shaun's, and I enjoyed that.

    2. In Little 5 Points there is "The Vortex". It's a bar where the door is the mouth of a large skull. Children are not allowed because in Atlanta you can either allow smoking or allow children but you can't allow both. That said, at brunch it isn't very smokey. They have a pretty good breakfast menu. You can check out their food menu and their spirits/beer menu on their website
      I play poker there on the occasional Monday night. I haven't gotten any of their Absynthe selection yet but it seems interesting.

      I second the Brick Store Pub recommendation. Really, that's the one you want. I really think it may be one of the best beer selections in the world. If I may suggest, a Well's Bombadier with their Pierogi Primavera is an excellent meal. You can add sausage to that entree if you like. I like Well's Bombadier because it is a true English style bitters and they have it on tap for less than I can get a bottle at the liquor store. It makes me feel like I'm in England (except the beer is cold). Whatever your taste, though, they will have a beer for you. The beer menu is amazing.

      1. >Especially looking for places with great beer selections...

        I'll just reiterate what has been posted, look no further than The Brick Store in Decatur. Check out the Belgian Room upstairs. Great selection and friendly staff.

        1. Decatur
          The Brick Store is all that was said. Twain’s and 5th Earl Market are also good beer places.
          We had b’fast at Sweet Melissa’s one morning and J Christopher’s another. The former one was the best.

          Little 5 Points
          We went to a new place-The Porter beer bar. Great beer and great food. They are supposed to start serving brunch Oct ’08.

          1. Check out Watershed in Decatur it has the best Fried Chicken and Biscuits. They have a great Brunch also. Pecan Pie is to Die For.