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Sep 17, 2008 12:45 PM

Inventory @ Allston Super88 + Bahn Mi Tip

Well the Allston Super88 is now suffering heavily for inventory and they closed the kitchen that used to cook up some steam buns etc.

I know others have commented, but really wonder what the heck is going on cause the shelves have gotten particularly barren in the last few weeks.

Also, at Pho Viet I finally figured out how to get them to bring the heat. I asked for a side of jalapenos in a little plastic container. With that addition, the Pho Viet sandwich is ever bit as good as Mei Sum with the bird chillies.

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  1. There's a whole thread on Yelp talking about it possibly closing:

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    1. re: jgg13

      My favorite thing about yelp is a whole lot of this:

      "Are tehy all goign out of business. Hrm."

      Not very definitive one way or the other. I will be sorely bummed if the food court closes. :-(

      1. re: yumyum

        Keeping fingers crossed. I read that Yelp thread, what a mess.

      2. re: jgg13

        The Yelp thread is all over the place. They keep talking about the Malden branch, which closed forever ago.

        I thought, the 88 in Allston has had great business lately. Are they seriously considering closing the entire thing?

        1. re: sox_foodie

          I agree that place does good business. I do remember reading something about them owing payroll taxes and stiffing employees on overtime. Would not be the first company to suck every penny out of the place and then just fold it. I so, so, so hope not.

          1. re: sox_foodie

            The small Malden store on Eastern Ave closed when they opened the bigger store on Commercial St. near Piantedosi Bakery. That one always has a lot of cars in the parking lot but I haven't been in the store lately to see if the inventory is dwindling there as well.

            1. re: PrincessBakesALot

              I was at the Malden store on Sunday. The inventory looked fine. It's not as large as the Comm Ave store, but the shelves seemed full, the enoki mushrooms were fresh, and we had stir fried yu choy and pork tonight.

        2. The Dorchester store had a barren look to it also. Lots of empty shelves.
          I was there today and they were short quite a few employees and customers also.

          1. The Dorchester and Allston stores are their bigger stores, so that could be the reason it seems emptier in there. I still haven't seen any signs of things amiss in the Quincy location, but that store is much smaller. I haven't heard any rumors of their having financial difficulties. Though with the fines over the summer, paring down may be expected (especially reading that Grand Chau Chow is closing it's doors). But if Chau Chow City continues to pack them in at both locations (Chinatown and Dorchester), things can't be that bad financially.

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            1. re: kobuta

              I was a naysayer about the rumors until recently.

              If you saw the recent before and after with the Allston store you would be worried.

              1. re: StriperGuy

                Even when you recently posted that business was humming there, they had fronted the product on all the shelves, and cleaned it. But they were still emptying....

                1. re: galleygirl

                  Yeah-- in spite of rosy reports, I haven't found it worth the trip for a while now, unfortunately :( I'd been hoping it was a phase, but I guess we better start hunting for a new source of banana ketchup!

              2. re: kobuta

                No. The Dorchester store seems empty because it's empty, not because it's big.

                They have a serious inventory shortage and a surfeit of barren shelves.

                Same with the store by the Herald. The Quincy store is somewhat better but still looks like it's headed down.

                1. re: C. Hamster

                  I have generally done well at Malden compared to Allston, with it sometimes being bare. However, yesterday I was surprised that there were no Chinese Spaghetti Factory dumplings -- not one packet, few other brands and various other things in fault. Even frozen fish section was very slim and very few boxes of shrimp (the old Malden Super88 used to have more and that was limited on space). Produce was the high point overall and I got the nicest turkey necks I have seen (trimmed, not frozen, skin removed) in the area so it wasn't a wasted trip but was a disappointment.

                  1. re: itaunas

                    I struck out at Malden yesterday on basics like peanut oil, black vinegar, Pearl River soy sauce. Meats & produce seemed fine. By the way, the Stop & Shop up the street has a pretty large line of Peruvian products.

              3. Recently, I went to Super 88 3 x in the last four weeks. I've hit it at different times of day and different days (Sunday, Friday and Wed.) Each week it gets worse. I just came back from a quick visit tonight. The first time, a month ago, there was no peanut oil, sesame oil, or chile oil. The only oil was corn and olive oil. I was shocked and a little put out because I needed peanut oil. Tonight, the only oil left was corn oil.

                Also, the jarred sauce aisle is getting barer and barer as the weeks go on as well as the freezer sections and some refrigerated sections. I don't know what's going on but I really hope they pull it together.

                1. mom chats up the workers at the allston one and she recently heard that a bunch of employees got laid off - she didn't get the impression they were from the allston branch.

                  i always did feel like they opened a bunch of new stores almost at the same time. i do hope our local one won't close...