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Sep 17, 2008 12:00 PM

A "great" cup of coffee in Carroll Grds or nearby?

Do any coffee houses serve Gorilla/Joe & the Art of Espresso/similar styles of coffee in the Carroll Gardens area? I don't want to head to Park Slope every time I need that fix!

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  1. Boerum Hill Food Co. used to sell Gorilla, but has since switched to (the far superior, IMHO) Stumptown Coffee.

    D'Amico often has several roasts available as well.

    Are you looking for dark roast coffee, espresso, or the "coffeehouse vibe" of the places you mentioned?

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    1. re: lambretta76

      pitch black roast. i'll try boerum out. thanks.

      1. re: the_state

        Pitch black = Burnt. do yourself a favor and try drinking some lighter roasts 'black'. Especially from Stumptown, you'll get worlds more flavor from your coffee.

      2. re: lambretta76

        I've hear that Stumptown Coffee was coming to NYC. That's exciting.

      3. I'm pretty certain I read somewhere recently (Times Dining section, I think), that a Stumptown will be setting up shop in Red Hook.

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          Stumptown will have a roastery opening in Red Hook VERY soon. As for an actual Stumptown coffee shop, we'll likely have to wait until the new Ace Hotel opens. But hopefully the Stumptown wholesale presence in NY will be similar to what it is in Portland, OR - in regards to their rigorous training sessions, encouraged so strongly they're virtually required, that bring all businesses serving their beans up to snuff. I just moved to Brooklyn from Portland, and It is AMAZING how almost no one knows how to pull a shot. Sad.

        2. TAZZA on Henry Street off Atlantic serves exceptionally delicious coffee.

          1. Cobblestone Foods on Court has Gorilla by the pound and sells cold-brewed Gorilla iced coffee, which is pretty tasty.

            There's also a café on the corner of Union and Hicks that brews a good cup of Gorilla. I can't remember the name of the place, but you can't miss it -- it's on the west side of the BQE, across the street from Ferdinando's and next to Petite Crevette.

            Cobblestone Foods
            199 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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            1. re: oolah

              The place on the corner of Union and Hicks is The Coffee Den.

              The Coffee Den
              144 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

            2. Though not quite Carroll Gardens...Root Hill Cafe on the corner of 4th Ave and Carroll St. makes excellent cappuccino and espresso and also brews Clover Coffee.
              Also very good coffee at Naidre's on Henry St...the coffee is from "Porto Rico Importing Company" in the West Village.

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                1. re: savoryhash

                  We really like "Root Hill" the people who work there are great as is the coffee and some of the food we tried. Also the atmosphere of the place is nice.

                  BTW---don't forget the Tea Lounge on Court. I love their coffee.