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Sep 17, 2008 11:52 AM

Burlington or Oakville Birthday Suggestions Required

Family is driving from Niagara and I am coming from Toronto, looking to meet up in Burlington or Oakville for a birthday dinner. Any suggestions? So far the ideas have been for Mother Tuckers (one free meal), the Keg or the Mandarin. I don't mind the Keg idea, just seems stupid for both parties to drive just go to the Keg.

Are there any non-chain places in either city? Possibly close to go-train but not a complete requirement. Looking for a price range similar to the Keg, don't care about the wine list as none of us will be drinking it.

Please help me!

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  1. How about Paradiso - lots of variety in the price range you are looking for. Not a chain but there are 2 locations: downtown Oakville & downtown Burlington.