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Sep 17, 2008 11:50 AM

churros in the Mission

Where can I find good churros in the Mission on Saturday? I heard there was a Churros y Chocolate opening on Mission near Bryant but it was put on hold. Any ideas?

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  1. I replied during a board burp and my post never showed up. Now it's too late. But La Parilla on 24th has awesome churros--hot and freshly made and they practically shatter. The churros at La Cumbre aren't bad. The ones sold in various places around the city on the street, giant stack under a foil tent, are awful.

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      Darn. Wish I knew. I took my daughter to Mission and 24th in our experiment of visiting BART station stops, and we went up and down Mission twice looking for churros and didn't see any. We did stop by a bakery near the library on...24th, but I didn't see any in the display window, so we ordered other stuff instead.

    2. no comment about the mission, but there are some great churros to be found down at international boulevard in oakland. near high street.

      at least, there used to be. been a while since i was down that way.