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Sep 17, 2008 11:25 AM

Poutine at Caplansky's

It's true. Zane is making poutine. Not just any poutine mind you, but Caplansky's influenced poutine. Cheddar curds, a downright heavenly smoky, meaty gravy all atop his wonderfully perfect fries. Get it on its own or as part of the combo.

Went today for lunch and it was available, so everyone at the table ordered it. Once it hit the table the previously vehement discussion of politics suddenly evaporated and the sounds of silence ensued. Well, not exactly silence...several mmmms, a couple of ahhhhs and some yelling when one of our party tried to lick their empty bowl clean.

The sandwiches are their usual tastiness. No more lean though, it's regular or fatty now - which seems just fine to me. The coleslaw keeps improving, and displays some subtle changes every time I have it.

I've noticed in some other postings that the menu at Caplansky's isn't like other Montreal style smoked meat places and I would add this: It is not a Montreal style smoked meat resto, it's Caplansky's, pure and simple. Nothing more, definitely nothing less.

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  1. god damn you people are too quick for me. i only had time this monday to drop by.. and well i'm sure you all can guess how that ended. ah well... utopia poutine is... passable.

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    1. re: pinstripeprincess

      I echo your comments. I hoped to be the first to "break the story".
      Anyhow, tried it and it was ok. Not sure if i'm crazy about the gravy with such a smoky flavour. But hey, it's definitely a welcome addition to Toronto's sad poutine scene.

      Oh, and my sandwich was great. I've had 6 and only one was disapointing. I'll take those odds given that the good ones were sooooo good.

    2. Pardon my drool but M. Caplansky absolutely must have his enterprise survive. True poutine (and great fries underneath it all). Smoked brisket from heaven itself. A delish knish. A slaw that will burst into greatness at any moment. Soups that your mother would be hard-pressed to top.

      Forget the hoo-haw about foreign chains "blessing" Toronto by opening a franchise. Go local and be proud.

      1. Has anyone captured a photo of said poutine yet?

        A picture is worth a thousand words in this case....

        1. Tried it today -- an interesting poutine..

          Not really like a tradtional quebec poutine you'd find at La Belle Province or similar chains, it has some herbal flavorings (sage?) and bits of smoked meat in the poutine.

          Curds aren't really plentiful, but they're pretty good -- no "squeak" though

          A great addition to my regular "combo" and I'm sure it can only improve... Kudos

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            1. re: callitasicit

              It's actually housed within a place called the Monarch Tavern.

              356 College Street, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

            2. re: duckdown

              Oh no you didn't just compare it to La Belle Provence. That has to be by far, the worst place to get poutine Francophone or not.

              Please visit my buddy's blog who's almost religious about finding the best poutine.