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Sep 17, 2008 11:24 AM

Fresh Pizza Dough in Calgary

New to Calgary ---- where can I buy fresh pizza dough here?


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  1. I just saw fresh Pizza dough this morning at The Italian Store, 5140 Skyline Way NE, off Mcknight

    1. i usually get it at Mercato on 4St SW - it's $5 a bag and you get 2 or 3 nice size, thin crust pizzas out of it - it can feed 4 unless everyone is hungry - 2 people with some snacks for the next day.

      I've heard urban baker has it as well but haven't investigated that yet

      1. Lina's has it as well:

        2202 Centre St N

        1. Bun King Bakery (390 Northmount Drive NW 403-282-2422) for I think $2 - white or whole wheat, your toonie will get you two medium thin crust pizzas.

          1. anywhere in the SE? (near heritage and mcleod)

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              Maybe Community Natural Foods 202 61st Av SW (across from Chinook lrt) although I can only recall seeing premade refrigerated/frozen pizza shells there. I'd suggest checking with a local pizza place - perhaps they'd be willing to sell you dough :)

              1. re: nonlinear

                There's Dino Rosa's Italian Market:

                9140 MacLeod Trail SE
                (403) 255-6011

                I just called them. They do have fresh pizza dough.

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                  Il Centro, near Chinook, might have it.