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Fresh Pizza Dough in Calgary

New to Calgary ---- where can I buy fresh pizza dough here?


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  1. I just saw fresh Pizza dough this morning at The Italian Store, 5140 Skyline Way NE, off Mcknight

    1. i usually get it at Mercato on 4St SW - it's $5 a bag and you get 2 or 3 nice size, thin crust pizzas out of it - it can feed 4 unless everyone is hungry - 2 people with some snacks for the next day.

      I've heard urban baker has it as well but haven't investigated that yet

      1. Lina's has it as well:

        2202 Centre St N

        1. Bun King Bakery (390 Northmount Drive NW 403-282-2422) for I think $2 - white or whole wheat, your toonie will get you two medium thin crust pizzas.

          1. anywhere in the SE? (near heritage and mcleod)

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              Maybe Community Natural Foods 202 61st Av SW (across from Chinook lrt) although I can only recall seeing premade refrigerated/frozen pizza shells there. I'd suggest checking with a local pizza place - perhaps they'd be willing to sell you dough :)

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                There's Dino Rosa's Italian Market:

                9140 MacLeod Trail SE
                (403) 255-6011

                I just called them. They do have fresh pizza dough.

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                  Il Centro, near Chinook, might have it.

                2. Mercato is crazy expensive. The Italian Store on Skyline cresc is the best value around if you don't mind finding it. I think they Italian Store actually distributes much of the stuff you'll buy at Mercado so you're buying it closer to the source, for a fraction of the price. Mercado is for those who don't know any better (sorry). Lina's Market is in between the two and a nice balance if you're in the north.

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                    Gourmet Magazine has a great recipe for Pizza Dough in its cookbook and in last months issue. EASY and good. I use 00 flour that you can get at any Italian grocery. Takes five minutes to make 1 hour to rise. Save your money and make your own dough. And just think how impressed your friends and family will be.

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                      The Italian Store is the one you can see from Deerfoot NB just south of 64Av right? I've been meaning to find my way there forever... I should get out the map and take a look. I agree Mercato is super expensive. They stock a lot of the same things Lina's does but for alot more $$$, and I find the store rather cramped (not exactly stroller/wheelchair friendly imho).

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                        That store is off McKnight and yes, it takes a while to find your way to it the first time. Well worth it.
                        They just finished renos and now it's bigger and brighter with even more imported goods to spend your money on.