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Sep 17, 2008 11:18 AM

How do you make great grits?

I just came back from vacation and had grits everyday for breakfast. I would love to learn how to make it. Thanks!

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    1. I prefer using broth instead of water for my grits. Just gives it a richer flavour to my palate. I'm also very fond of chipotle cheese grits. Chicken broth, mix in chipotle powder (I buy my from Penzey's), stir in the grits (proportions and instructions from the box) and cook thoroughly (add a little more grits to make it thick), then when it's all thick, dump in shredded/crumble cheese of your choice and mix until creamy and rich. I usually use a very sharp cheddar with the chipotle. :)

      1. That comment from the other person is pretty sarcastic, but to answer your question, I make grits all the time, and to make great grits initially its trial and error. I after many years of making grits use my own discretion in how much water to use and grits. What I mean to say that after a couple of times trying, you'll realize that if you don't put enough grits into the boiling water, they'll be soupy, and if you put too much grits into the boiling water they'll be lumpy, so you'll want to add grits for the first couple of minutes while the water's boiling to see the consistancy, then generously add after that until creamy smooth.

        1. I think that buying regular grits (Quaker quick - not instant) and following the instructions on the box will give you really good grits - just fine for your morning eggs. Just remember to use plenty of salt and butter.

          For great grits, I think the secret is in the grits. If you get some good quality stone ground grits, they will be better.

          Then it's just a matter of what you want - and how you plan to serve them. With eggs at breakfast? Or as a base for a main course at dinner. There are many recipes for Garlic Cheese Grits and the like (and the chipotle cheese ones just mentioned here sounde very interesting indeed).

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            I haven't done it yet, but I hear ordering from Anson Mills is the best first step...

            1. re: maggiej

              Agreed, never, ever instant grits and Anson Mills is worth the ordering. My family's favorite is cheese grits with some cooked sausage added in. I take even further for a brunch dish by adding some sauteed onion and Hatch green chiles.

              1. re: lrostron

                Agreed a good guality product is a good place to start.

                When making grits I add my grits to cold water then heat. I find they come out creamier this way. I just noted that on the Anson Mills website they recommend soaking overnight.

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                  I use Anson Mills and I start my grits in cold water. Use a heavy pan and plan on simmering and stirring for about an hour. If you have a pressure cooker it will be a lot faster. In a pinch I will use Quaker Quick but never ever use instant. The person who thought that up should be condemned to a hell where he/she will be force fed instant tasteless grits into infinity.

                  You can make a great spoonbread with grits. It is called Awendaw and is a very old recipe and quite delicious. It uses cooked grits and cornmeal. It is a favorite.

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                  I read your profile, what southern cooking cookbook do you have? I want to become an expert at making banana pudding.

                  I am going to try to make the grils like you described it sounds great! thanks!

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