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Sep 17, 2008 10:33 AM

A large business dinner on the UWS

I have to arrange a dinner for 25-30 of my company's best clients, and there are some rather binding restrictions... I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed! And so I come to Chowhound for help.
I can only spend about $50.00/head, the restaurant must be on the upper west side, and the atmosphere needs to be more elegant than family oriented. I am also a bit worried about finding a location to accomodate such a large group without having the extra expense of a private room.
If anybody has suggestions I would be grateful to hear them!

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  1. The $50 per head might make it tough to get elegant. 'Cesca has a wine room - not sure how many it fits but think you may have too many.

    Maybe Compass - it's a sizable place and just reopened after a renovation I have not seen it. It's now pretty seafood driven.

    Going to be tough for $50...

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      1. re: harrison

        Last dinner I did in the wine room at 'cesca was $110 a head and we brought our own wine. Never getting that for under $50

        Compass is also not happening under $50.

        Sambuca could be done in the price range, they do have a back room, it is family style service but it is white table cloths and definitely fancier than Carmines.

        Considering the price limit I'd investigate Arte Cafe as well. They have a lot of rooms, the one on the right could easily hold 50 people and a menu could be put together for $50... on a slow noght for the restaurant

        1. re: msny98

          I figured as much.

          Arte may be a good choice - and if you keep the menu limited doable. If you're doing it soon, they have that back garden type room.

          1. re: harrison

            We did end up deciding on Arte Cafe - I'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes. Thanks for the suggestions!