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BBQ restaurant near Century City

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I am having a halloween party at my law firm and would like to have BBQ as our meal. Do you guys know of a good hole in the wall place that is good and delivers? I know that there is Mr. Cecil's in West LA but i am not a big fan of there food. Thanks for your help.

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  1. You'l have to send a runner but it's worth it.

    J R's BBQ
    3055 La Cienega Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

    1. J&J Burger & Barbeque
      5754 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles
      Just east of Fairfax.

      No delivery.

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            I see your criticism of Baby Blues, and I understand how their oh-so-Venice vibe may be a turnoff. But they do produce some pretty good food -- the pulled pork is quite good, as are the ribs. Their brisket, which is strung like the pork rather than sliced, is just wrong. I like their mac'n'cheese, and I can understand how some may enjoy the corn if they like the roasted chewy kind. Prices are on the high side, but they are friendly and several leagues better than the much older Benny's (Bennie's?) on the other side of Lincoln up the street.

        1. A bit further away, but their prices and quantities will make them a better value, to say nothing of the better BBQ: Porky's. They do cater. Do a search on this board to see reviews -- your answer will be crystal clear.

          1. Another vote for Porky's.

            There's no barbecue restaurant near Century City at all, let alone one that's any good. Porky's does catering and they're well equipped to handle the kind of thing you're planning. Their food is also terrific.

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              The ribs at Houston's is pretty good, though...

              1. re: J.L.

                The ribs at Houston's are not BBQ. No smoke. Steamed and braised. Fall-off-the-bone in the worst way. Drowning in a sickly-sweet sauce. And for what they cost, you could pay for an elegant catered affair.

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                  The ribs at Houston's are pretty good buy I don't think the word barbecue applies.

              2. +1 for JR's... amazing food and friendliest service in LA

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                  Wow, we don't go to or order from JR's anymore, mostly because the owner is so difficult to deal with, and they are still trying to bask in that LA Mag article from, what, 8 or 10 years ago?
                  Also, I always thought JR's bbq is pretty mediocre.

                  1. re: slacker

                    Wow, he must not like you. The first time I went there while I was reading the menu the owner came out with a sampler plate of his 4 most popular meats letting me try them to make my decision easier. He has also stuck around 10 minutes after the place called to give me some take out when I called and warned him I was running late. He doesn't know me by name or face because I've only been there like 5 times in the last year (I live far away)... so the guy has to be just plain nice! I dont see how anyone could have a bad experience with him!

                2. http://santamariabbq.com/

                  We tried this place once - in Culver City - for an office party I think it's "edible enough."

                  1. Been all over W. Side/Crenshaw area looking for best bbq in town and BY FAR the best spot i have found is WOODY'S BBQ on Slauson just east of La Brea....best ribs/links in LA.