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Sep 17, 2008 10:22 AM

New England Foliage Trip

Four of us will be traveling to New England for a foliage trip starting September 27, I would love any recommendations you have for restaurants in the areas we will be visiting. My husband is a little traditional and is very much a steak and potato kind of guy, however, he does like seafood (a couple of steakhouse recommendations would be great for him). I'm a lot more adventurous and love spicy foods, our friends are also more on the adventurous side. This will be our first trip to New England and we're really looking forward to it. The following is our itinerary:

Woburn, Mass (above Boston), 3 nights - we will spend time in Boston and also drive down to Cape Cod

S. Portland, Maine, Lobster will be our food focus here, 3 nights

West Campton, New Hampshire, 2 nights

Burlington, VT, 2 nights (may drive up to Canada one day

Albany, NY, 2 nights

Hartford, CT, 1 night

Providence, RI, 1 night

Any and all help you provide will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hen of the Woods, Waterbury VT (worth the bit of a drive that it is, it's an easy drive)
    Trattoria Delia, Burlington, VT
    L'amante, Burlington, VT
    Single Pebble, Burlington, VT
    Sadie Katz deli (YUM YUM), Burlington, VT

    The last two could be lunch stops (Does Single Pebble do lunch? Now I'm not sure).

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    1. re: Morganna

      Thanks for the information. We plan to be doing a lot of driving to see the sights, so a drive for dinner is no problem. We are from California and think nothing of driving a couple of hours to our destination and then back the same day.

    2. Not too much in West Campton, but Common Man has a couple restaurants in that area (some are better then others), I've enjoyed Foster's Steakhouse but it's been a while (in Plymouth) and although I haven't been, my family says the Italian Farmhouse is great too (also Plymouth). Just south in Ashland is their first Common Man - which was awesome back in my college days (for a special occasion). Check out their menus, they are different.

      Have a blast, you will love the drives throughout.

      On your way up to Portland from Woburn, awesome breakfast in North Hampton on Rt. 1, Nancy' Place (186 Lafayette Rd.). We just discovered it last weekend. Awesome, homemade, delish & creative breakfasts like lobster benedict, lobster and asparagus crepes, creative omeletts, quite a few different benedicts (It's one of my fav breakfasts and this place had maybe 6 on the menu). Great value, imagine a nicer diner.

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      1. re: lexpatti

        We will be doing the Zip Line in Lincoln, it might be a good idea to try the Common Man there after were done. Thanks for the info.

        1. re: tll

          A good place to eat after the zip line is the Woodstock Inn on Rte 3 in Woodstock, NH. Especially if either of you are beer drinkers.

          Try and include a drive up over the Kanc (Rte 112) and through Franconia Notch in your travels. The 112/16/302/3 loop is very scenic.

      2. In fact while you are staying in Campton, definately take a short ride over to Center Sandwich (where they filmed On Golden Pond) and go to my favorite in the area - Corner House Inn. The ride alone will be excellent.

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        1. re: lexpatti

          This is all really great info. We travel a lot and the only thing we sometimes find disappointing is the restaurants, it is so hard to choose where to go without knowing the area. I decided this time to do my homework, I'm glad I found this website.

          1. re: lexpatti

            I second that! The Center Sandwich/Squam Lake area is beautiful in every season.

          2. In Portland, you might really like Fore Street. This is a great spot for seafood, and lobster is always on the menu. You also should consider Hugo's and 555, both of which are terrific, but not necessarily places to go for lobster.

            1. Just an FYI, unless you go way up north, you are not going to be seeing much in the way of foliage. Everything is still green in the hills of southern NH. If your husband likes steak--Buckley's Great Steaks in Merrimack NH and Hanover Chop House in Manchester NH. For a real taste of old Boston, I highly recommend Locke-Ober, which has been in business since the 1800's--beautiful room, and where else can you taste JFK's lobster stew?

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                For a traditional food kind of guy, wouldn't Durgin Park for lunch be a good idea? We dined there a couple of years ago - don't miss Indian Pudding for dessert. I think I had a short ribs meal. We used to go to Durgin Park during school field trips umpty ump years ago.