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Sep 17, 2008 10:16 AM

Question from California regarding what restaurant this is..

Good morning, I have a restaurant question. We'll be coming to NYC for the first time next year, and I would like to know what restaurant is the big, red building on the water, across from the Brooklyn Bridge? It seems to be a landmark, and it looks like a great place to at least have cocktails, if I can find the name of it!!

Thanks for any info you may give.

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  1. South Street Seaport. Many restaurants in there.

    1. I think that you probably are referring to the South Street Seaport. The main building at the Seaport is indeeed a big, red building. It houses shops and several restaurants. Mostly tourist magnets- none of the restaurants are worth eating at, but you might want to go for a drink. The best of the bunch is probably Sequoia - sit outside, have a drink and enjoy the view. For food, try the Bridge Cafe on Water Street- a little down from the Seaport. Good American food in an historic old house.

      1. Just north of the Seaport is a great little area of restaurants and bars. Nothing outstanding, but if you're in the neighborhood, it's your best bet. I really like Fresh Salt for drinks or Nelson Blue, a Kiwi gastropub. I can't vouch for the food at either of these places, but I really like Fresh Salt as an afterwork drinks place, and they have a little bit of outside seating. Jason's Ale House is reminiscent of a frat party, which might appeal to you, I don't know. Take a walk between Beekman St and Peck Slip, between Front Street and South Street, and you'll see them all.

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          Do you mean Jeremy's Ale House? If so, I agree, it's definitely like a frat party (esp. the decor and the big beers in styrofoam cups).

          There's also a little wine bar that went in on that street. I haven't been but it looks nice. Can't recall the name.

          1. re: LNG212

            Well, I thought it would be nice to sit outside by the water and have drinks before dinner. We were thinking Acqua at Peck Slip. Is that nearby the South Street Seaport? Is the food good? Looking for quintessential NY City (yeah, we're the dreaded tourists)...LOL

            1. re: tjcletsgo

              Acqua is not on the water- it is 2 blocks up from the river- so you won't have any view to speak of. That's one reason I suggested Sequoia -- it's the very last restaurant in that red building at the Seaport, so if you sit outside you are right at the water (on 2 sides, actually). Generally speaking, that part of the city (the financial district-which includes the Seaport) is not exactly a dining mecca.

              1. re: Ann900

                nor is that area quintessential NYC, if you mean where new yorkers go. its a historic part yeah but not a well traveled area for locals.

        2. I like to refer to South Street Seaport as Glendale Galleria by the water, if you know what that means. You could have a drink at Sequoia and enjoy the view of the river and Brooklyn. Or you can sit on the public benches and enjoy the same view.