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Sep 17, 2008 10:02 AM

Best time to go to Lark

I've decided to have a birthday dinner with just me and my wife at Lark this Saturday. We have eaten their one previous time and thoroughly enjoyed it. The one downside was the wait to get in, as they don't take reservations.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience on when the best time to show up for dinner is to minimize the wait time? I'd rather not show up right when they open and I'd like to eat before 9. Any thoughts?

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  1. Are you okay with showing up at 7, putting your name down, then going either next door to Licorous or across the street to Cafe Presse for drinks? If so, that's what I'd personally do.

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    1. re: dylinw

      That's what we did last time. Licorous was fine, but we were there for quite some time. I'm not necessarily expecting to get in right away, I just am trying to find the best time to show up.

      1. re: vanillagorilla

        Yeah sorry, I've only been to Lark a few times, and once it was with a large group so we did get a reservation. In general (though I'm sure you know this), if I don't mind waiting for approx 1 hour I show up around 7pm or 9/9:15pm. My belief is that most places turn a lot of tables between 7 & 8. Take that for what it's worth. ;)

    2. Given your conditions I think you may have a challenge on Saturday. Perhaps you could go on Thursday.

      1. I live nearby & eat there quite often ... I would show up at 6:30 and see what happens .. you could go for a walk or have a drink nearby .. make sure you tell them it's your birthday and my guess is by no later than 7:45 you will be seated ... who knows it could be earlier ..the market just crashed!

        1. Good choice! Saturday will always be an issue, unfortunately, unless you go between 5 and 6.