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Sep 17, 2008 09:16 AM

Using up Puff Pastry Suggestions?

A few days ago I made the Steak and Guiness Pie from Jamie Oliver's Jamie at Home cookbook. It was absolutely delicious and reheated perfectly the next day.

I couldn't find any puff pastry at my store so ended up making some fresh. Now I have half of the puff pastry left over and after all that effort, I'd like to do something interesting with it. Any suggestions for using it up?

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  1. Puff pastry freezes well, if you don't want to use it up right now. Lately, I've been keeping a sheet or two in the freezer in case I need to come up with a last minute dessert. So far, my easiest one involves spreading almond paste (mixed with an egg and sugar) over the puff pastry and layering fruit on top of that. Bake at 400 until the puff pastry is golden and you have a nice fruit tart.

    You can also make palmiers. I just read about savory palmiers, made with pesto instead of the cinn-sugar mixture and that sounded good.

    I've also taken puff pastry, cut it into squares, and filled them with a mixture of goat cheese and pine nuts (or walnuts). Seal the squares (either in a rectangle or triangle) and bake.

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      I've made the pesto palmiers..delicious. Just make sure your pesto isn't too oily, or you'll have a mess. I also did a version (I forget where I saw the recipe) with minced sundried tomatoes, basil and parmesan. Also very good.

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        Another vote for the palmiers. So easy and soooooooo good. The carmelized sugar that forms on the bottom is to die for. As they say, it's a candy and a cookie.

        The savory palmier just don't sound as tantalizing to me, personally. But that could be b/c I am such a fan of the simplistic sweet ones.

      2. I do a chicken puff pastry. Chicken breast, some sort of herb cheese and butter spread spread (alloutte), salt and pepper.

        Roll out the pastry, place your trimmed breast (or half of one) on the pastry. Salt and pepper, than lather the top with the spread. Fold the pastry over the chicken so its like a turnover. Than bake at 350 for about 30 mins. They also freeze well for later use.

        1. I thought Pepperidge Farm puff pastry was in every freezer, in every store in the country. I guess they missed at least one.
          After you do the suggestions you have so far, take the scraps and cut very small diamonds, circles, whatever you can manage and bake them off. Save to put on top of stews or creamed dishes.

          1. I like to make cheese straws. Roll it out thin and sprinkle with fresh Parmesan cheese and rosemary. Fold in half and roll out again, then sprinkle again. Fold and roll one more time, then cut into long straws and bake until puffy and brown. They are SO good!

            1. Rachael Ray has a recipe for "Steak Sandwich, Knife and Fork Required" that uses puff pastry as its base. It is an elegant take on the basic. It calls for skirt steak but I substitute flank steak as skirt is not readily available where I live. I have served it for company many times. The recipe is available on