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Sep 17, 2008 09:05 AM

tips for to make

1. what would you suggest to make brownies and bars look very professional when they're cut?
2. how do you packaging brownies, cookies, and bars when giving them as holiday gifts, etc?

my bars and brownies don't seem to have sharp edges and i wonder if a better knife or proper cooling would prevent crumbling. i want them to look as good as they taste!

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  1. I always wait until completely cooled & use a sharp knife. If you are interested and think it's worth the $, they do make brownie cutters (several sizes if you google) and also a pan that has an insert-see below. Another idea for the holidays is to bake them in mini muffin tins, rather than square for no cut option.

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      Sharp thin-bladed knife (8" - 10" slicing knife) dipped and cleaned in hot water cutting down on a sheet of brownies that have been cooled in the fridge should do the trick. On needs to constantly clean, dip, temper, and wipe off the blade after each cut...

    2. Package them in Chinese style take out boxes! Available at Smart and Final I think.

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        These are great and you can get some nice decorative ones, too. I've seen Christmas ones at Michaels. They're along these ideas:

        I've used a sharp pizza roller to cut brownies, too. The key, as bulavinaka said, is to keep it clean.

      2. When the brownies are fully cool, cut them with a bench scraper in straight downward cuts, cleaning the blade after each pass. This works better than a knife when the brownies are still in their pan.

        1. if i needed another gadget, i would get that brownie cutter in a heartbeat. read two suggestions that were new to me: line the baking pan with parchment paper and cutting with a plastic knife!

          i'm still open to packaging ideas. the containers are cute but not for jewish holidays ; p

          1. If you want to have more edges on your brownies, check out this link.

            I own far too much from this website. I have been dying to get the atomic containers for lunch at work. I already have a few science-dork shirts for casual fridays at the school where I work. Three guesses as to what I teach.