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Sep 17, 2008 08:48 AM

Any Schlotzky's restaurants in Canada?

I heard about this American deli chain in a newsgroup, and Googled Schlotzky's. Their menu looks interesting so I wondered if there are any here, especially in the Toronto area. Also, if you've eaten there while in the U.S., how did you like it - or not?

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  1. There used to be one beside the University of Waterloo but it closed years and years ago. I'm assuming it was the same chain.

    I ate there once and was unimpressed, the size of the sandwich was tiny and overpriced, worst of all it was mediocre. I guess that might explain why it closed up.

    This was in the early 90's so things may have changed since then?

    1. The one in Waterloo is not part of the chain. This thread will probably get moved to the Chain board. But I did like it when I used to go in the US for quick lunches. The menu has pretty good variety.

      1. There used to be one here in Vancouver, on W. Broadway, but it disappeared. This was quite a few years ago. I think there might still be another one here.

        1. We briefly lived within walking distance of one in Madison, WI, in the late nineties. I had mixed luck with it. I went once or twice and really enjoyed it, which conned me into going four or five times when I didn't. I believe this particular location closed shortly after the turn of the century.

          1. We used to visit one in Detroit, just off I-75 near Southfield. As usual, the US sandwiches and portions of sides were huge. Prices were higher than fast food, but then you were getting a lot more food, and better quality.

            Haven't seen any in Canada, though, and due to our generally higher prices, they would either be fairly expensive for a diner-type meal, or the portions would be small.

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              We had one nearby (40 miles west of Chicago) but it closed many years ago. They had a reuben on dark rye that was really pretty good. I know there is one still in Peoria, we pass it on the way to visit MIL, but haven't seen them anyplace else.