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Any Schlotzky's restaurants in Canada?

Bob Catt Sep 17, 2008 08:48 AM

I heard about this American deli chain in a newsgroup, and Googled Schlotzky's. Their menu looks interesting so I wondered if there are any here, especially in the Toronto area. Also, if you've eaten there while in the U.S., how did you like it - or not?

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  1. Dr Butcher RE: Bob Catt Sep 17, 2008 08:57 AM

    There used to be one beside the University of Waterloo but it closed years and years ago. I'm assuming it was the same chain.

    I ate there once and was unimpressed, the size of the sandwich was tiny and overpriced, worst of all it was mediocre. I guess that might explain why it closed up.

    This was in the early 90's so things may have changed since then?

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      cecilia RE: Bob Catt Sep 17, 2008 04:01 PM

      The one in Waterloo is not part of the chain. This thread will probably get moved to the Chain board. But I did like it when I used to go in the US for quick lunches. The menu has pretty good variety.

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        Chomp RE: Bob Catt Sep 17, 2008 04:07 PM

        There used to be one here in Vancouver, on W. Broadway, but it disappeared. This was quite a few years ago. I think there might still be another one here.

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          befuggled RE: Bob Catt Sep 17, 2008 05:38 PM

          We briefly lived within walking distance of one in Madison, WI, in the late nineties. I had mixed luck with it. I went once or twice and really enjoyed it, which conned me into going four or five times when I didn't. I believe this particular location closed shortly after the turn of the century.

          1. k
            KevinB RE: Bob Catt Sep 24, 2008 01:19 AM

            We used to visit one in Detroit, just off I-75 near Southfield. As usual, the US sandwiches and portions of sides were huge. Prices were higher than fast food, but then you were getting a lot more food, and better quality.

            Haven't seen any in Canada, though, and due to our generally higher prices, they would either be fairly expensive for a diner-type meal, or the portions would be small.

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              LikestoEatout RE: KevinB Sep 24, 2008 04:59 AM

              We had one nearby (40 miles west of Chicago) but it closed many years ago. They had a reuben on dark rye that was really pretty good. I know there is one still in Peoria, we pass it on the way to visit MIL, but haven't seen them anyplace else.

            2. lulubelle RE: Bob Catt Sep 24, 2008 10:34 PM

              The ones in the Chicago area closed a while ago. There used to be one across from where I worked, and we went once in a while, at least we did until we looked a the calorie count on those sandwiches. Good Lord!

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