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Sep 17, 2008 08:48 AM

Manner Wafers?

This summer, I went on a trip across Europe, just me and my backpack. When in Vienna, I tasted these delicious wafer-hazelnut treats, from the company Manner. These are hugely popular in Austria, and you can buy them in every grocery store. They even have a Manner store in Vienna.

Anyway, I found them so good, so I tried to buy a four-pack to bring home to family and friends. Of course, having no self-contro, I ate all four (!) of them in one single train ride.

I was wondering if anyone knew which treat I'm talking about, and if someone knows of a place where I can purchase them? I would love to eat one, not only for the great taste, but also to bring back all those European memories.

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  1. They're around town. If I'm not mistaken, the most recent place I've seen them is in one of the vending machines in the student lounge in the Faculté de Musique at UdeM. Maybe at ExoFruits, Gourmet Laurier and certain dépanneurs too. Not being a sweets freak, I don't usually register where I run across such stuff but I'll keep an eye peeled and report back if nobody else chimes in.

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      Yes, they are all over the place - delis, grocery stores, etc.

    2. Another excellent place to find treats from the German-speaking countries is Boucherie Atlantique on Côte-des-Neiges, corner Queen Mary (near Côte-des-Neiges métro station).