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Sep 17, 2008 08:33 AM

Langhorne recs needed

Looking for recommendations for a few meals in Langhorne, specifically a place for brunch as well as a couple for dinner. Want good food in an unstuffy atmosphere. Thanks!

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  1. JB Dawson's is good for dinner, I think their ribs are great, plus they have a lot of good steaks and pasta dishes.

    1. Hi, I've been a LONG time lurker on this board and decided to sign up specifically to answer your post since I live in Langhorne. There's an Italian restaurant in Langhorne--Bella Tori--I've eaten dinner here; it was a nice evening. I know they offer brunch. It may be worth a quick investigation via the internet:

      Also nearby is Newtown where the Brick Hotel is located. It boasts an award-winning brunch. Again, I've eaten dinner here many times years ago; it's changed management/chefs numerous times since I've eaten here, but it's an idea. Now for dinner: Also in Newtown is a restaurant called Rouget. Craig Laban gave it 3 bells...might be worth looking into. Although in a strip mall, Piccolo Trattoria in Newtown is very good Italian; they have their own website, too, if you're interested in the menu For a VERY laid back meal, I highly recommend the Langhorne Ale House:

      Good Luck!

      1. Duck Sauce in Newtown has terrific chinese and Asian fusion food. I second Piccolo Trattoria. If you want to travel to Bristol there is a really good Indian restaurant on Mill Street , Cafe Bombay, .