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Sep 17, 2008 08:16 AM

sacramento- cafe markia or la trattoria bohemia

friends and i are trying to try some new places, ethnic foods etc
which would you say is best for goulash, chicken paprikash etc

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  1. You mean Cafe Marika. I don't know which is best for czech food, but Bohemia is known for their pizza.

    1. There is Little Prague in Davis. The princess cake is great,
      but the food (goulash, etc,,,) and service are spotty.

      1. My husband and I stumbled upon Cafe Marika during Second Saturday while we were looking for another restaurant that had been recommended to us. We went in on a whim and it was the most fantastic find! My husband is Czech and the owners are as well. The food was very similar to what his mom used to make. He's been raving about the awesome dinner he had (pork roll-ups) to everyone for a week now. I'd highly recommend it! The chicken paprikash was fantastic too! Personally we have not tried Trattoria Bohemia yet, I've read several reviews about their pizza and I'm curious about their Czech specialties. I'd recommend Cafe Marika to anyone who's interested in good European comfort food!