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Sep 17, 2008 07:46 AM

Kosher aquavit?

I"m getting married in January 2009 in NYC. My fiance is from Stockholm originally, and we're trying to find a kosher brand of aquavit for the reception. Even though it is essentially vodka, the fact that it is infused with a flavor is causing the caterer to balk at this request. So far I"m coming up dry in Google searches - there are plenty of aquavit brands - OP, Linie, Aalborg, etc. - but none of them seem to be certified kosher.

Does anyone know of a kosher brand of aquavit? Thanks for the suggestions!

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  1. BS"D

    As far as I know, all aquavit is kosher, and none are certified. So your caterer should get in touch with their rav hamachsher, and ask him, rather than simply trying to make the determination themselves. The flavor is mainly caraway or cumin, and both herbs are easily acceptable. The caterer may not have it on the approved list simply because nobody has requested it before from the hashgacha- after all, aquavit is not for everybody, with its strong cumin flavor and limited ability to be mixed into drinks. It's mainly for drinking straight shots, which is not typical of Jewish consumers, other than with vodka.

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      Thanks Ganeden - this is probably just a matter of speaking to the caterer/mishgeach - I appreciate your suggestion!

    2. If you do go through with serving the aquavit, maybe make it your signature drink. You can have huge blocks of ice carved out to make a resting place for the bottles. I've also seen smaller blocks of ice with small holes carved out to make resting places for indicidual shot glasses. It could look really interesting... and also showcase your fiancee's heritage.

      1. Our Rabbi kicks off our community post-Yom-Kippur break-fast with ice-cold aquavit and a beer chaser! It makes the line for the buffet MUCH more mellow.

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          I think I'd like to switch to your rabbi. Where is he located? :-)

        2. Mazel tov on the wedding. I make my own aquavit for Pesach for our shul's kiddish club. All you need to do is get some vodka and drop in a spoonful of crushed caraway seeds. By January it should be nicely infused and it will be quite flavorful. (At Pesach I get Kedem vodka, which is molasses based.)