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Sep 17, 2008 07:04 AM

Sol Azteca Brookline

Has anyone been as of late? The only posts I could find on it were from 2005 or so. I'd love to hear some more recent opinions of this place as I've always wanted to try it, but know absolutely nothing about it.

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  1. Haven't been in person lately, but have had delivery a few times in the past couple of years.

    I generally like it. Especially their chicken livers.

    1. I only went once, but I would go back again and try more of the food out.
      I went with a friend just to get chips/salsa/guac and a few drinks. We sat outside which was nice...and we were told we'd be charged for the chips/salsa/guac if we didn't order any plates or whatever (I believe this is pretty standard). We were cool with that...and they actually ended up not charging us for those items, as we drank more than any plates would have cost anyway, heh.

      1. The last I went was last winter- I enjoy it- they seem to have a really good variety to their menu and to me it seems very authentic (ducking for cover). I do wish that their menu is a bit larger though. Otherwise- good Sangria, good flavors to the food.

        1. We tend to go to the Newton location because they have a nice patio area, but I'm sure this applies to Brookline as well. The food is pretty consistent, with few changes in the menu from 25 years ago when we first ate there. Nothing amazing, but solid. The carnitas are tasty, as are the enchiladas verdes, and the sangria goes down pretty easily too.

          1. Haven't been in a while but I always liked the cabbage and the black beans you get as sides there. Also, their sangria and Mexican coffee are good. Their food is fine, too. The decor inside is nice, with Mexican tile/pottery/ironwork, etc. Maybe it won't be the most amazing meal you've ever had, but it is great for the combination of food/atmosphere/drinks for the price.

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              I second the fondness for the red cabbage on the side, and the Mexican coffee.

              1. re: poptart

                I also really like that cabbage. I've tried to reproduce it at home, but no luck. It seems salted and slightly fermented rather than pickled, but that's about as far as I've gotten.

                1. re: bear

                  I have made the cabbage at home its pretty easy in fact. Stir fry the shredded cabbage in light oil after starting with a diced shallot, then add some black beans, toss gently and add fresh cilantro and splash of vinegar. I mean a tiny splash. I think I add a bit of garlic and a pinch of chili powder too. Hmmm..... Anyway, its one of the better mexi places around....the chicken mole is great as is the shrimp in cilantro sauce and the pork adobado, also I have made at home in a grilled version. You can buy adobado sauce in a can at most supermarkets.

                  1. re: ipsofatso

                    Thanks for the tips! I'll give it a try soon. I do like the shrimp in cilantro sauce, but haven't made it to the pork since I get stuck on the enchiladas verdes or mole. Haven't been in a while, so I guess it's time to head back.

                  2. re: bear

                    I wondered if there was a hint of mustard in that cabbage too...the fermented idea is very interesting, you may be on to something there! Funny how something as "simple" as cabbage can be such a memorable thing from a Mexican restaurant!!

                    1. re: poptart

                      I agree, their cabbage does taste of mustard - and, unfortunately, it doesn't agree with my palate (not mustard in general, just this particular dish).

                      Love their spicy chicken liver app, though (higaditos Mexicanos)!