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Sep 17, 2008 06:49 AM

Another casualty - Ma Glockner's

Yup, the economy has claimed another victim - Ma Glockner's in Bellingham, MA, which had been in business for 70 years. The current economic conditions are really weeding out all those places that haven't kept up with the times in food, service and atmosphere.

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  1. Really? Oh, man, that's a shocker, not so much because their food was so good (I actually had a really bad meal when I went last year), but because they had been around so long.

    This economy is really starting to take its toll on restaurants and other businesses...

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    1. So sad. My parents used to take me there when I was a kid (40 years ago or so) and my mother still talks about going there when SHE was a kid. The "birched" chicken and fries were OK, but the key to the meal was the rolls. We'd always get a dozen to go. And oh, the coconut cream pie for dessert. I actually liked the fact that (at least back in the day) there was only one meal -- take it or leave it. Although there was a choice of salad dressing -- you could have their dressing, or none.

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        Now that's a flash from the past..sad that it's closing but it will save some people from coronary artery disease...

      2. How sad! I've moved out of state, and haven't been there in over 20 years, but I remember that the rolls were excellent, and that Coconut Pie was out of this world!! A real vein clogger....but a little slice of heaven!

        Does anyone out there have the recipe or know where I can find it?