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Sep 17, 2008 06:36 AM

Close to Penn Station, is there a nice place to meet for drinks

for a somewhat older crowd? meeting old friends, and would love to be able to stand/sit and talk but also enjoy nice wine and beer.

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  1. lol - didnt mean "Old" friends - but we are in our late 30s and early 40's

    1. You can hang on the roof at Local (perfect day for that)
      or there's
      Tir Na Nog

      1. Stout on 33rd street is a nice bar with lots of beer on tap.

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        1. re: travpard

          If you want a more quiet atmosphere or older crowd, do NOT go to Stout if there is anything going on at MSG. It tends to be a very young, rowdy, bridge & tunnel and/or frat boy crowd.

          That said, if there isn't something at MSG, they do have good beers on tap and not bad food for a bar.

        2. Seven, on 7th between 29th and 30th is nice and just far enough from Penn station to have a more chill atmosphere. As I recall, good wine and appetizers selection. It's a restaurant, but you can sit at the bar.

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          1. re: colfaxBee

            i second Seven. a little more formal and definitely a more 30 - 40 something crowd.