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Sep 17, 2008 06:34 AM

SEA- Brewpubs/Breweries Unique to SEA?

Friends from the E Coast are headed out (on really short notice) and love all of our microbrews, unique beer, etc. We always end up going to the same ones, Elysian (but I think their food has went downhill), Jolly Rodger (spelling? just love the mini burgers though...) and Brouwers (for the selection and the food). Was hoping the new one on Greenwood would be open for their visit, but peeked my head in yesterday and not even close. Ambiance doesn't matter as much as good beer and food. Any ideas?

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  1. The Big Time on the Ave in the U District has been my personal favorite for around the 20 years or so they've been open. Consistently top quality beer and fairly good pub grub.


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      Thanks! I didn't even think of that one. It'll go on the list.

    2. Hale's Brewery in Ballard is great. So is Pike Street Brewery.

      1. Collins Pub always has good, obscure local taps, and the food is solid. If I'm downtown, I'll choose Collins over Pike Brewing any day. The only drawback, for me, is that they don't have a cask engine.

        If you're after the brewpub experience, though--for beer quality, I strongly second Big Time. Been a long time since I went to Elliot Bay Brewing in West Seattle, but I seem to recall it was good as well.

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          I've always associated Big Time with drunk frat boy types and have avoided like the plague since I graduated from the UW. Has it really turned into a decent place to go?

          1. re: GreenLakeDave

            I think the trick is to time it right. Lunch and afternoons work great. Some nights it's jammed full of frat folks, for sure, but to my eye it's usually more of a grad student crowd. Swing by, and if it looks awful, duck into to Schultzy's across the street instead.

            Not a huge fan of the food, but the beer is terrific: there's great variety, always a cask, lots of seasonal or experimental stuff, a good range from hoppy to malty.

        2. A great brew pub with lots of local brews and really yummy food is barking dog in ballard. It is not a brewery, but has a great selection and is a good alternative from the usual. Hales is good too.

          1. Elliott Bay Brewery is a brewpub with good menu and beer, two locations: west seattle and burien. the location i go to - at the alaska junction in west seattle - is off the beaten path for some folks, but if entertaining out-of-towners, west seattle is a great destination -- the views along alki, the west seattle junction, and the historical aspect (landing site of the first non-native seattle settlers, in the 1850s). anyhow, in addition to their good food and beer, Elliott Bay Brewery's pub does some good environmental things, like using their spent grain in their burger buns, using biodiesel in their trucks, and using local beef (from Vashon Island).