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Sep 17, 2008 06:12 AM

Weekend in Harwich- kid free and good food & wine?

I am taking my mother to the Cape for the weekend. I have gotten some good insight about lunch spots, fried seafood, pizza and ice cream. But I would like to take her out for a nice waterfront seafood dinner on Friday night. Fried food would be a no-no, I am thinking something like the Beachmoor in Wareham... reasonable prices for the quality, nice view and a good mix of steak, seafood and chicken entrees? We like Amari's but that may be out of the say. We are staying in Harwich so either within 15 minutes away or on the way down. Any suggestions?

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  1. Strangely, waterfront locale AND good food are a rarity except for PTown. One exception being 28 Atlantic at the Wequassett Inn in Harwichport. Very elegant and very exceptional.

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      Okay, not helping the OP but which PTown restaurants would you recommend for good food and waterfront locale? Also, CapeCodGuy, while we're on the topic, best place for drinks at sunset in PTown or nearby?

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        Red Inn is my favorite special night out in PTown. Great place for drinks too. I do, however, live in the Mid-Cape area so perhaps a PTown search would help you better. There's many more down-Cape recs from more knowledgable folks than I.

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          Going to Red Inn so was looking for a few more places. I've searched quite a bit but nothing else "jumps" as "the" place.

    2. If you are not bothered by price, 28 Atlantic at the Wequassett Inn would be nice. It is not in Harwich Port, however, but in that little strip of Harwich (technically East Harwich) which juts out between Chatham and Orleans along Route 28 by Pleasant Bay. It's a good four miles from Harwich Port itself.

      Depending where in Harwich you are staying, a couple of other worthy options are: Ocean House at the end of Depot Street in nearby Dennisport (right on the water) or Cape Sea Grille on Sea Street in Harwich Port which is near the water, but not on it.

      The only other spot "on the water" in Harwich would be Brax Landing on Saquatucket Harbor, but probably not a good choice for what you want. The setting is nice, but the food is only a notch above pub grub and not that well done.

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        4 miles? Sue It is pricey, but one of the finest meals to be had anywhere on the Cape, or the state for that matter. Ocean House is a fine choice, also high-end, but not up to the higher standards of 28 Atlantic. Brax is food hell but I have to agree it's a nice spot.

      2. I guess I'm joining the chorus of trying to convince you to break free of the "view" -- at least while dinning. Fine cuisine can be had at the mid-Cape but you need to focus on the chow.

        Pisces in Chatham (near the Harwich line) is open through mid-Oct. (seafood done in a coastal style that brings some French and Portugeese influences) I have done well in the "deep" off-season at Villa Roma (well above the mean Italian entrees & a nice selection of basic pastas) did I get that name right? on Rt 28 in So Yarmouth.

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          Keep in mind Villa Roma looks horrid from the outside and is a typical dining experience, IMHO vs some of the other recs which are more in line with a "special kind of dining experience". I second 28 and Ocean House. Pisces is too crowded for me and parking way back when, was too stressful. Captain House in Chatham is fun for afternoon tea. You must call ahead. It used to be about 20 and could serve as a lunch dinner.

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            Here's a fun plan: Go see the new George Clooney movie Burn Before Reading at Cape Cinema on 6 A in Dennis (20 min. from the Harwiches). Then head to Harvest Gallery Wine Bar (behind the post office near the Cinema ) for music, wine and great snacks. A very grown up chill kind of night. The movie was HILARIOUS.

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                Is this the place?

                Harvest Gallery
                766 Route 6A, Dennis, MA

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                Oops..Neil, Villa Roma is in Harwich near A&W.

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                  Oh, thanks for the correction on Villa Roma location. I try not to fall into the trap of "grading on curve" - even in the dead of Winter. Based on my two experiences at VR, I think it stands out from the crowd and I think I have seen some CH reinforcement for that.

                  WHEN did this wine bar you speak of go in? That location is a bike ride for me. This is huge for East Harwich.

                  Lulu, you did not mention the food at Pisces. Do you recall your choices? I wouldn't try without a reservation unless I wanted to eat at the fabulous bar. Oh and they have had free valet parking for at least a year, right?

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                  Thanks Neil and Luci, Ocean House sounds like the perfect fit for us. I checked out the menu and they even have a $25 Fall 3 Course Dinner special. Thank you!

              3. Thank you all! We are going to go to Ocean House tonight and will try to find that wine bar and movie theater tomorrow. You guys are great!

                1. We ended up stopping at the Beachmoor in Wareham on the way down for a drink and an appetizer (I couldn't resist, I love that place) and then did dinner at Ocean House. It was unbelievable. I would say one of my favorite restaurants period. We sat in the lounge and we could see the waves lapping on the beach outside our window. Very close quarters, so I don't recommend going if you are claustrophobic or don't like chatting with strangers, but we didn't mind and had a great time. My mother got the $25 three course special and she chose a garden salad, campagnella pasta, and a flourless chocolate cake. I tried a little of everything and they were all delicious! I got the filet mignon with french fries and asparagus... Delicious! We both ate every single bite. It was packed in there but there was a nice lively atmosphere.

                  Today we had lunch at Friendly Fisherman's in Eastham and the lobster rolls really are addicting. We stopped for ice cream at Schoolhouse in Chatham on the way home- another gem!

                  I couldn't have done it without my Chow Hound friends- thank you!