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Sep 17, 2008 06:06 AM

Thanksgiving dinner in Park Slope, Cobble Hills, Hgts

Looking for a good place to bring family for Thanksgiving dinner, at no more than $50 a person. Looking for an interesting menu, that would also include traditional items.

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  1. I am also looking for a great Thanksgiving restaurant experience this year--preferably in Park Slope--traditional turkey and sides. It might be a bit early for the restos to be rolling out their plans but if anyone happens to know of any please post. Thanks!

    1. My guess is Applewood, that New Orleans place on 7th Ave by 7th Street, Tonio's, Stone Park, Alchemy, 12th Street Grill...I know 7th Ave Donuts and the Park Cafe have a T-Day menu but I doubt you want the choice of soup/salad and coffee/soda as part of your meal. I have been to Tonio's, Alchemy and the 12th Street Grill in general...all of which are very good. I'm not a fan or Applewood or the New Orleans place. I haven't been to Stone Park yet.