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Sep 17, 2008 05:23 AM

New spots since May?

Hey NY Chows, I moved away from NYC last May and am returning for a weekend. Are there any noteworthy restaurants that have opened since last May? To be more specific, I am looking to places that are not incredibly difficult to get a table and will not break the bank. As for location, I am pretty much game as long as it is not the UES. Thank you for help! (This could be for brunch, lunch or dinner!) I know it is vague, but would love to try out the hot new place!

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  1. Anyplace that is "hot" will be difficult to get a table. If you are willing to settle for an odd time or eat in the bar, Scarpetta may be a possibility.

    1. Since May it seems that not much has gotten rave reviews. Lots of mixed feelings about Benoit, Hundred Acres, Scarpetta, and Matsugen I have not been, but Convivio seems to have been very well received as well as Sheridan Square.
      Wildwood BBQ opened in the end of April and is great.
      .There are plenty of hot places in the city but they have been around since before May

      1. If by "last May", you mean May 2007, a few places come to mind.

        Bar Boulud is relatively hot, but not so bad that you won't be able to get a reservation for the weekend, esp. if you don't mind dining at slightly off hours OR don't mind sitting at the communal table. I've only been for dinner and every time, there've been seats at the communal table. Since it's across from the Metropolitan Opera, there's always a rush before and after shows. In particular, the charcuterie have received high praise.

        Bar Milano in Kip's Bay on 24th and 3rd ave is pretty good. I don't think it's incredible for the city, but many seem to like it. It's not too hard to get a reservation.

        Marcus Samuelsson of Aquavit opened up Mercato 55 this February, which has received mixed reviews. I haven't tried it, but friends of mine who have liked it well enough that I'd like to go.

        This May (May 2008), Cabrito opened on Carmine St. in place of BarFry. By reputation, it's good. I don't really know how hot it is. Gothamist article:

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          Thanks, Cabrito sounds nice! I have been to Bar Boulud and Mercato 55. I loved Mercato 55. Thanks!

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            Marcus Samuelsson severed his association with Merkato 55 in July. Most of what I read indicated that he had not been exactly hands-on there. Acc. to eater, the new chef is Angelo Sosa, formerly of Yumcha and Buddakan.


            I like Bar Milano. We've had two excellent meals there.