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Sep 17, 2008 04:31 AM

Alevropita/Flour Pie

I recently returned from an amazing trip to Greece. Every meal was delicious, but I was particularly fond of one dish I ate. When I visited the villages of the Zagorohoria in Epirus (northwest Greece), we ate something called Flour Pie or Alevropita. The waiter explained that it was made using only flour, butter, egg, and cheese. It looked a little bit like a very thin, crispy pizza, and it was delicious. It is unlike other Greek pies in that it doesn't involve any filo.

I have been trying desperately to find a recipe for this dish. My Google searches only turn up a single recipe (, which is seriously confusing. I tried to follow the recipe but the resulting dish was a disaster.

Does anyone have a recipe for this culinary delight? Or do you know any Greek restaurants that serve Flour Pie? It seems to be a very regional dish and not available in cook books or restaurants.

Thanks for any help you can provide. I need to eat this delicious pie very soon!

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  1. This was all I could find:

    4 eggs, beaten 1 tea cup yoghurt
    200 gr grated cheese
    1 1/2 cup flour
    1 1/2 cup fresh milk
    150 gr butter
    Some salt

    Mix half of the butter with the rest of the ingredients and stir until pulpy.
    Brown the rest of the butter and place it in a baking pan. Pour the mix into the baking pan and bake in preheated oven (400) for approx. 1 hour.

    or this one:
    the dough :
    3 cups all purpose flour
    1 cup warm water
    2 tbl oil
    1/2 spoon oregano
    dash of salt

    mix ingredients; knead for about 2-3 minutes; adding flour to until it
    doesn't stick to the hands - separate into 3 equal parts

    the filling :
    a couple of chopped green shallots (can replace with 1/3 white onion)
    1/3 cup finely chopped parsley
    2 cups feta cheese , crumbled
    1/3 cup freshly grated romano cheese
    1/2 cup whole milk or better still, half & half
    3 eggs
    salt, pepper, thyme
    beat eggs;
    mix all other ingredients; heat in pot until cheese starts melting;
    allow to cool to room temperature; then mix in eggs

    the assembly :
    roll out the 3 dough balls- so that each one is a bit bigger than your
    baking pan (i use 8x12 in.)- the amount of dough, for that size will
    give you the right thickness

    place the first layer on the greased pan, with ends hanging over the
    pan rim - add half the filling

    follow on with the second dough layer -add the rest of the filling

    finish off with the last dough layer; fold the dough layers together

    pluck a few holes, making sure you go through the second layer of

    bake for 3/4 hour at around 400F

    If you like Flour Pie, you'd probably love tiropita, which is the feta cheese pie, wrapped in phyllo.

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      The first recipe is the one I couldn't quite figure out. The second looks promising. I will give it a try. I will also check out the bulletin board you suggest. Thanks so much for the tips!

    2. Maybe you should request this recipe on the home cooking board?

      Have you tried the Greek restaurants in Greek town?

      1. Jason, I am in the states visiting family and wanted to make alevropita for them but could not remember the exact amounts in the recipe. I found your question, ao this comes to you late but I hope it will help. The recipes for alevropita on this page are not the alevropita that I love from Yiananna. My first pie was in Ano Pedina, and I actually went in the kitchen and watched the owners mother make a new batch.
        I found a great recipe in Diana Kochilas book :The Glorious foods of greece" but I will give you a few tips on top of that recipe.

        You must use a "cheap pan" no coated pan as she suggests, I have made it both ways and the best alevropita has a thin crust, which is acheivable with a thin metal pan, also your pan must be large, in Greece we have these great round pans.

        The gist of the recipe is you make a pancake like batter-then you pour it in the pan, roll it in the pan until it is coated, put in a whole pound of GOOD quality feta and mix another egg into the remaining batter left in the bowl and drizzle that over the cheese so that some of itis peaking through. The recipe on the internet that you refer to as confusing uses celsius for the oven temperature and 200 grams of cheese? what? and 4 eggs? ony two are needed, one for the bottom and another on top. Get Diana Kochilas book and you will find many recipes from Zagoria. Good luck.

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          hi elizabeth,

          thanks for all of the information about the alevropita. my yiayia (from yiannena) used to make that many many years ago and until now i have no idea what it is called. she also used to make a similar pita that my family calls batsaria, but has spinach and feta in the batter. so delicious. is that the right name? i cannot find any recipe for it, nor anything with that name.

          any ideas? thanks so much,

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            Thanks so much for these tips. I am so excited to try this out.

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              Hi Elizabeth,
              I love your posts. Are you still in Athens and are you still eating around at all the best/strangest/most intriguing places? If so, and you'd be interested in collaborating on a mini-guide to the city, take a look at,and email me on Essentially, I'm asking if you'd like to be one of our Pigs. I really hope to hear from you soon.