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Sep 17, 2008 12:17 AM

Cold Michoacan Treats in San Diego

I found it finally!!!!!

While doing some recon on Market St just east of the 805 I found the Nieve de Elote (Corn Ice Cream) I’ve been seeking! Nieveria Tocumbu is going to be my new spot for Ice Cream. The owner hails from Tocumbo Michoacan and started his modest business 4 years ago.

All Ice cream is homemade, and they have a huge selection of some interesting flavors. I opted for the Mamey and Elote. I was so focused on the Elote I did not get to sample more of their extensive flavors.

Its all about the Nieve and Paletas here however they offer so much more
Raspados, Tostilocos, Diablitos, Mangoneadas. Licuados, Aguas Jugos, Smoothies, Escamochas, Fruit Salads, Frutilocos, Takilocos and even Tostadas de Cueritos

I sampled the Mageoneados which is two scoops of mango ice cream, chunks of mango, chamoy, chili and chile powder, liquid chile and a stick of spicy tamarindo.

I also tried a Strawberry Coconut Raspado which I probably won’t be ordering here again. Honey Banana in National City has the lockdown on Raspados for me.

If you’re looking to experience some interesting flavors of Ice Cream this is your spot. Service is great and the place is super clean with ample seating.

Neveria Tocumbo
4686 Market Street B7
San Diego, CA 92129
(619) 264-0391

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  1. mmm, the Mageoneados sounds fantastic

    1. I love this place is amazing paletas homemade, ice cream too and the best part probably is the corn ice cream

      1. Can you comment on the other flavors available? I'd like to know if they have anything that's not found at the nieveria/paleteria in Escondido (theirs include elote, arroz, queso, mamey, guayaba, coco, menta, nuez, mango, vainilla, fresa, and a couple other standards).

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        1. re: maestra

          Im not sure I was so fixated on the Elote, I will try to check it out this weekend. What location is this you speak of in Escondido? Im always looking for nieverias.

          1. re: Masa Assassin


            Paleteria Tropical. The one right next to the former El Tigre, now Northgate. I think you mentioned seeing this to me one time. Its really great!

            1. re: kare_raisu

              Thanks KR I have not tried that location

        2. Do they have Garlic? Garlic, Mole Rojo & Rose Petal are some of the more intriguing in the Mexican palette.

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          1. re: Eat_Nopal

            Wow thanks for sharing those interesting flavors I will check, Molo Rojo sounds awesome. I will also check if they have nopal flavor also :P

            I don't know why I love such a simple flavor like elote. It must stem from my love for the Masa de Maiz.

            1. re: Eat_Nopal

              I went back this weekend. They don’t make Garlic or Mole Rojo. They actually make Rose Petal but only seasonal, the owner said he would have some in December. I recently tried some Rose Petal at Tepoznieves in TJ and it’s definitely an intriguing flavor.

              I had Rompope and Elote. The Ice Cream here is so Rich and Creamy you can’t go wrong with any choice.

              Most people seemed to be going crazy over the paletas, which seem to be their specialty.

            2. I checked this place out with my girlfriend yesterday. We were very impressed. I tried the mamey, elote and a yellow cherry flavor. I think I liked the yellow cherry the best, but they were all good flavors. My gf was crazy for their pistachio. While they were rich, the ice cream didn't seem as heavy as I was expecting, which is a plus. This place is a great find. Nice Job!

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              1. re: jasont

                Great to hear, I will have to try the yellow cherry next time.