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Sep 16, 2008 11:44 PM

Oasis Grill coming soon to Berkeley

I noticed Oasis Grill will be coming soon to Downtown Berkeley, close to Berkeley Bart on Center St. Next to Pie In The Sky. When are they opening?

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  1. I saw that it was coming too, but don't know when. I'm not familiar with the Oasis Grill... is it any good?

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      1. re: wolfe

        Who said anything about 'chain'??

        1. re: chemchef

          I was anticipating the inevitable.

          1. re: chemchef

            They have already opened a new outlet on third in SF diagonally opposite the Metreon...was a Philipino fried chicken place previously...


      2. Went for lunch today. The kefta kebab and dolmas were excellent. Hummus and tzatziki were good. Falafel was good though I prefer Sunrise, Moaz, or Holy Land. Baba ganoush was odd. They are connected with the Oasis Grill on Drumm in SF, the guy said he makes the kefta there.

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          1. re: vulber

            I don't know, it just had a strange flavor.