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Sep 16, 2008 10:22 PM

Road trip from Palm Desert to Stockton via Bakersfield

Where would you suggest we stop for coffee breaks and lunch?

Are there any independent coffee shops in Palm Desert where we could get some good coffee to start our day?

I'm thinking we'll be leaving Palm Desert early enough to stop for lunch near or in Bakersfield. I read about the Cuban place in Bakersfield, and would love to hear about any good Basque options that are open for lunch.

Are there any worthwhile bakeries, coffee shops or truck stops serving good coffee and donuts or pie between Palm Desert and Stockton?

Thanks for any of your recommendations.

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  1. Make the trip to the central valley often from Palm Desert. The Noriega Hotel in Bakersfield does have lunch although I think it might be on the weekend. You will have to contact them for hours. Both lunch and dinner are one seating so you have to be there at a certain time.

    We always take Highway 58 from P.D. to Bakersfield. It has far less traffic and is more scenic but lacks decent food. You can stop at the cafe on the south east corner of the intersection of 395 and 58 at the signal. Breakfast is not bad and I think they bake their own pies.

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    1. re: hungerpains

      Thanks for the suggestions, hungerpains. I'll check with the Noriega Hotel re: their hours.
      And will definitely keep the cafe on the SE corner in mind. Thanks for mentioning the route w less traffic & more scenery, ( & for letting me know it lacks decent chow;)- )

    2. Lunch in Bakersfield can be of a lot of different tastes. For BBQ, there's Champs at Hiway 65 and 7th standard Rd.
      There's also Lugui's for Italian only open from 11 am to 2:30 and it's a ways off the main drag.
      There's Benji's Basque just West of Hiway 99 and Rosedale Hiway 1/2 mile.

      1. There is the wonderful Petra Mediterannean Cafe in Techachapi, on Hiway 40. They are located a few blocks uphill from the (Business 58) main drag. Lots of unusual Mediterranean treats. Excellent hummus, falafels, kebabs, burgers, salads and authentic baked goods made by Grandma. Bakalva made by the angels. Run by a Lebanese (?) couple and mother who had lived and had restaurants in SF for years. Wanted a more rural place to raise their kids. 2 Thumbs (or is that bones?)up.

        We stopped there on a marathon trip to Yuma and it was the highlight.

        Along 40/58 in the Mojave, the eats are pretty dismal as far as I know, mostly chains. Would love to know of any good local joints in the small towns between Tehachapi and Needles.

        What is your route from PD?

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        1. re: toodie jane

          Thanks for the suggestion, Toodie Jane. Petra sounds like a real chowfind- and love that type of food.

          We were running late, and didn't end up leaving PD/PS area until noon, so we weren't even close to Bakersfield by lunchtime. So much for all my chow plans- we ended up at In n Out (since we were making up for lost time we didn't take 58) the look of previous posts, I'm glad I ignored the advice from friends to stop at Harris Ranch;).

          1. re: phoenikia

            Luigi's is well worth the 10 minutes it takes to get there from Highway 99. The ambience is Italian-Cafe-cum-1950's-High-School-Cafeteria, crowded, noisy, adorned by framed news clippings and team photos from every class and local sports hero since the 1930s, with cooked-to-order (less-than-speedy) service, but be patient: you're there for memorably-delicious food. Lunch only, Tues-Sat; regular menu has pastas and sandwiches; Different Special each weekday. Expect to wait in line before you even get a table; yes, it's THAT good! (You should plan another trip!)

        2. Petra Mediterranean Cafe in Tehachapi

          Petra Mediterranean Restaurants
          200 S Green St, Tehachapi, CA 93561