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Sep 16, 2008 07:20 PM

Two thumbs up for Khyber Restaurant-Houston

on Kirby and Richmond for offering the best Indian (or any) meal during the immediate post Ike huricaine disaster. For the last two days I've feasted at lunchtime.on Mickey's buffet and have been thoroughly satisfied with all the scrumptous items. Not only the food, but I also recharge my cell phone and laptop while I enjoy every bite! So,, hats off to Khyber for opening there doors during personal hardship and maintaining the same gracious service and food quality they are well known for! Now,,, if I could just my power back.

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  1. i had a wonderful meal at brasserie max and julie last night. limited menu but it included rack of lamb which i ordered, veal sweetbreads, rabbit confit (both ordered by my dinner companions). profiteroles for dessert.

    1. Add to the list of post-Ike restaurants operating under great stress because of waitstaff issues due to the storm, food distribution and pwr;
      Barnaby's on Shephard
      Beaver's ( my first time) Great beer selection, limited menu post Ike but still lots of options and,, new chef from Max's Wine Bar. Even met Monica Pope last night!
      MoMong on Westheimer,, taking care of customers
      Romano's Pizza on W.Gray- Frank and Vinnie have it down pat!
      Tomorrow,,, maybe Hue, Kiran's or Indika! Forget the FEMA MRE's!

      Well, lights fading,, candles to be lit for this 019'er