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Sep 16, 2008 07:12 PM

Orlando - Dinner suggestions near Swan and Dolphin Hotel

I'm attending a conference in mid-November and am looking for a few good dinner recommendations (both inexpensive and mid-price ranges) for groups of 4-6 people. We likely won't have a car, but could take a cab if definitely a necessity.
Any suggestions that aren't just places in the hotel (unless those are fantastic)??


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  1. You have several options within walking distance, and some of those are indeed in the hotel.
    Shula's Steak House is in the Dolphin (Shula's, Dolphins -- it's easy to remember). Great steaks but rather pricy.
    Todd English's bluezoo (he insists on the lowercase bluezoo, although if you capitalize it I don't think he'd notice, he's rarely at this restaurant that bears his name). It's decent seafood, again a bit expensive.
    Walk over to Disney's BoardWalk and you'll find Flying Fish Cafe, a very nice seafood restaurant with a decor that evokes images of old Coney Island.
    Spoodles, which started out as a daring Middle Eastern restaurant but now is fairly tame Mediterranean, is OK too.
    And if you have passes into Epcot, you're only steps away from the World Showcase dining scene, including two very good venues at France pavilion.
    A short cab ride will get you to California Grill at the Contemporary Resort or Victoria & Albert's at Grand Floridian. For something different, go to Animal Kingdom Lodge and Jiko, the Swahili-Ethiopian-South African themed restaurant, which has the largest selection of South African wines in North America.

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      We're in the same boat (may even be attending the same conference), and were wondering about any restaurants that may be a little more "interesting," such as Asian fusion, unique wine list, etc. We're 4-5 women in our 30's, if that is at all helpful... less interested in formal or stuffy, and definitely not interested in some place that is very family-oriented (though I recognize that may be a tall order given where we'll be!).

      Thanks for any other ideas you may have.

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        I haven't tried it myself but I keep hearing good things about Zen at the Omni in champions gate.

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          If you don't mind a short trip to the Polynesian Hotel (you can do this by bus to the Ticket and Transportation Center, where there is a path to the hotel, or you can take the monorail), try the Kona Cafe. It's exccellent. Follow the links in one of the posts here and you can see the menu.

      2. Yep, what Scott said. Also Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge is a great African buffet. Make reservations, it can be crowded.

        There is a walkway from the Disney Boardwalk to EPCOT (it's kind of hidden, you might have to Google it), but then you're right by all the country pavillions that are all pretty good.

        1. The link below will give you reviews & menus of all WDW restaurants.

          1. You will be close to the lake buena vista (LBV) area at boarbwalk. Take a taxi to Bahama breeze, not far. The food is seafood/carribean one of Darden's little jewels. The outside patio is fun with a fire pit and free live carribean music. Great fun , the bahamarita is delicious! Also, there is a Chevy's in L.B.V. great mexican food! When you get to L.B.V. You will see lot's of palces! MUCH MORE REASONABLE THAN ANY DISNEY PROPERTY PLACE!

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