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Sep 16, 2008 07:08 PM

Peninsula Tokyo's Cirque Culinaire

A friend passed on some information about this event, and it sounds fabulous. If I lived in Tokyo I'd definitely be there for at least a couple of events, but living near Osaka, it's a bit more difficult (not that the special rate for the Peninsula Suite doesn't tempt me...NOT!).

Is anyone planning to attend? If so, please report!

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  1. Wow, looks pretty cool. I may try to get there for the sushi/sake night or the ham tasting around lunch.

    1. My eternal damnation is with you for having posted this. I am going on holiday on 22 November, so won't be around for most of it, even though there are lots of events I would absolutely love to attend. Some of them have practically been designed with me in mind. I am inconsolable and as a result will have to eat even more sashimi and drink even more sake than I had planned tonight. BTW, this is the izakaya where I am going: Very good sashimi and freakishly cheap.

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        I'd like to go but but I can't seem to remember where I put my wallet.

        Asomaniac, I used to work steps away from gin no ume but have never been, looks great.

        1. re: steamer

          It really is great, the types of sashimi yuo get in the moriawase are sometimes over-the-top good (the occasional sashimi lobster and collection of expensive shells, plus ootoro etc) for 2,500 yen (7 kinds of sashimi I think), and with the voucher from their website you get 50% off - as if people did not thank their lucky stars even for the standard price. Good sake selection as well, and nice atmosphere (maybe five tables and a big tatami area; quite cosy). Crowd-pleasing stuff to go with it, like great hone sembe and umi no budou, plus tuna rib / kamo dishes and lots of fish.

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            p.s., that Peninsula Suite offer is very attractive. A mere snip at 22,000 dollars for a full three days. Amazing. You could only buy a very small car for that sort of money.

          2. re: steamer

            I hear ya! Some of those prices are a wee bit steep, but some of the tastings are sort of reasonable if you just get a couple of small plates (I'd go to the olive oil and ham one). I'd do one or two of the lunches if I could--probably the Tim Mondavi and/or the Leflaive one. But that would pretty much be it for me.

            I was especially intrigued by the beer and burger one--beer starts at Y1200 and the burgers are Y2000-Y5000??? It's beer and burgers for freaks sake!

        2. It's really a circus! I stayed at the Peninsula last March and will be there again at the end of October, thus missing the event. The hotel is top notch. The Lobby for breakfast was excellent. I enjoyed lunches at Peter and Kyoto Tsuruya but the highlight was my being a guest for lunch at the Hei Fung Terrace. The menu had been selected by the Maitre d" it was a surprise meal. Everything was delicious but I especially recall a remarkable tofu dish. I would recommend checking the events there.