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Sep 16, 2008 06:35 PM

Double Crown

Anyone? How's the food, drinks, atmosphere and crowd?

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  1. The food was mostly good, the service was horrendous.

    On a night when the temperature outside was maybe 60 degrees, they had the front doors open and air conditioning on in the back room, so it was uncomfortably cold. They did turn the air off when asked.

    The tables in the back room are so close together you have to pull your table out completely for the person near the wall to get out. I could hear every detail of the conversations on either side.

    We ordered a bottle of wine, and it didn't arrive until after we had finished our appetizers. It took 5 requests (asking 4 different people) until we got our bread, which also came after we had finished our appetizers, and it was about a 15-20 minute wait between our appetizers and the entrees. We gave up on having dessert since we'd already been there 2 hours and we were tired of the place.

    The sashimi appetizer was excellent, but the endive & stilton salad was nothing special. The fluke and venison wellington entrees were also excellent. It's too bad the service was so unbearable, since I did enjoy the food. I doubt I'll go back anytime soon.

    1. Had dinner there on Friday. We were a little bit early for our reservation, so we decided to have a drink. At the hostess' suggestion, we bypassed the front bar and headed for the back lounge. An attractive, dark lounge-y area with specialty cocktails. These cocktails start with a glass of finely crushed ice, then vodka or gin and are served with a spoon full of homemade "preserves". Mine was Pear-Ginger, my dh had Orange-Cardamom. You stir the preserves into the drink. I really enjoyed mine and was hoping for another after we moved into the dining room, but unfortunately, you can only get these in the back.

      We moved into the dining room for dinner. We had a large group and they were able to accommodate us easily at 2 large tables. The menu is divided into snacks, appetizers and main courses. Based on my experience at other restaurants with a similar format, I expected the snacks to be only a bite-sized portion, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that they were good for sharing. We had the duck steam bun and pint of prawns. Both were tasting, but I'd highly recommend the buns. Both had approx 5 or 6 pieces. For an appetizer, I had the smoked mackerel salad. It was very good. More on the salad side, less on the mackerel. The smoked fish was crumbled and combined with other salad ingredients including apple and egg. Very tasty, but perhaps a surprise if you were expecting a big solid chunk of mackerel. For an entree I had the braised pork belly. Nice and crispy on the outside with good flavor. Paired with a seared scallop, it was very pleasant. We found a fairly inexpensive (under $40) French Syrah /Grenache blend, which was a crowd pleaser.

      I will go back.

      1. I stopped in last weekend during brunch. Bloody mary was pretty poorly made (service was a disappointment all around) apps were fine, nothing amazing. The space is gorgeous and that alone makes it worth stopping in for drinks. Definitely check out the PDR on the way to the restrooms downstairs.