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Sep 16, 2008 06:33 PM

Sacramento Chinese bakery/supermarket?

Is there a Chinese bakery somewhere around Sacramento? Like a Sheng Kee? Someplace with breads, cakes, stuff like that?

Also, is there another Chinese supermarket around here besides SF market?


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  1. I've been in ABC Bakery (on Florin Road just west of Freeport Blvd.) a couple of times, and it has tolerable bao. There are a couple of places (J&D and TNT) on Stockton Blvd. just south of Fruitridge. Unless somebody else pitches in, though, you're on your own as far as quality and selection.

    As for supermarkets, Shun Fat is the biggest, and I tend to end up there. Wing Wa is a little further north on Stockton Blvd., and has a pretty good selection. And there's a place on Freeport Blvd. that I can't remember the name of (King's?) that sometimes has hard-to-find items. Lots of others as well, but I haven't been impressed...

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      thanks...we'll go check some of them out this weekend