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Sep 16, 2008 05:49 PM

favorite pie

Following those tantalizing posts on delectable Dynamo Donuts, I confess to an appetite for pie... absolutely satisfied by Beckmann's — a Santa Cruz vendor at our neighborhood farmers' market on Sundays at Divisadero & Grove Streets. It's a pie filled with toothsome apple or strawberry rhubarb under a rich and buttery crust with a sugary sheen.

Crowds gather for morning pastries, multigrain hearty breads... and, pie — but, not for long, the season for this Farmers' Market ends on the 28th.

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  1. I like their ollalieberry, which is even better if you follow the package directions and heat it up to improve the crust crunch. Sunday Kensington mini-mart.

      1. re: Cynsa

        Apparently you were not alone. I stopped by Kensington yesterday after noon and was told by the Beckmann's lady that she had had a run on ollalieberry and there were no pies left. She did have one small sample cup, sigh.

        1. re: wolfe

          The Beckmann's guy at the stand touts the ollalieberry as his favorite pie.
          Fortunately for us, the Sunday Market at Divisadero and Grove Sts. has extended its season until January... and, that means more ollalieberry pie for us in San Francisco!

      2. Though they may not be the best...

        Bakesale Betty's blueberry pie.
        Cafe Gratitude's Coconut Pie -- intense, dense, made with four types of coconut.

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        1. re: maria lorraine

          favorite isn't always best... my favorite pie at Cafe Gratitude has always been the lemon meringue - but I'll try the coconut pie next :^) thanks!

          1. re: maria lorraine

            Since you are a Napa person, what is your opinion on Sweetie Pie's Cabernet Grape pie ... only available in October. I liked it.

            1. re: rworange

              Haven't had it rw, but if I see it, I'll try it.

          2. 7x7 listed a similar sounding pie being sold at Bryan's.on California. Unfortunately, I don't have the issue in front of me and I don't recall it's a Beckman's but it's a Santa Cruz regional pie, serving up the same Ollalieberry and Strawberry Rhubarb options.

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            1. re: sugartoof

              Gizdich Farm in Watsonville does a great Olallie, and other fruit pies. Could it have been them?

              1. re: toodie jane

                This morning Kensington, Beckman's ollalieberry and ollalieberry/strawberry. Several in both sizes available except for 1.

                  1. re: sugartoof

                    They are really popular with most chowhounds, but I don't think much of them. I think Fat Apples does a much better ollalieberry pie than Duartes. there's a thought. I'll have to compare Fat Apples to Beckmann's. If they are similar, then Fat Apples would win since, IIRC, they are a lot less expensive.