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Sep 16, 2008 04:49 PM

STL...really good fried chicken

Where can you get really good fried chicken in St. Louis? Crispy, juicy and not greasy?

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  1. I'm not kidding when I say Schnucks. It's good, crispy, juicy and terrific cold the next day.

    But I think you are looking for dining out? We've never been disappointed with Hodak's on Gravois but I've seen some bad reviews in the past. I've heard more consistently good reviews at Sweetie Pie's but I've not made it there yet.

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      I used to live down the street from Hodak's on Gravois and after two greasy meals of poor fried chicken, I never went back. At the time, I ran a commercial kitchen and could get great fried chicken daily.

      Sweetie Pie's serves some pretty good fried chicken, as long as you get there well before closing. I will admit that I sneak away to the W. Florissant location whenever I am working in STL. I think that their sides are excellent.

    2. Unfortunately, Hodak's is not what it once was. However, Sweetie Pie's is probably the most consistent and enjoyable fried chicken you can find. They have two locations one up north in Florissant and a newer location on Manchester and Tower Grove Ave. I would recommend the loaction on Manchester. And you can never go wrong with the sides they have available.

      1. Best in town is Frank & Helen's broasted chicken. They are on Olive, east of the Innerbelt.

        Also good is Young's in Valley Park and King Edwards in Crestwood.

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          I would agree with all of those highcard. I'll throw in a weird one but I really do love their Fried Chicken.
          Golden Corral


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            I grew up with Frank & Helen's as a family favorite and a place I could eat relatively inexpensively with friends. Liked their pizza, ordered with provel. Also ate their broasted chicken, which is fried in a pressure-cooker. It was ok, but had the softer crust of KFC's original recipe -- I like the crunch of panfried or deepfried better. If you are planning to eat in, what is intolerable about Frank & Helen's is that they still allow smoking, which stinks up the entire dining area. Sorry, get with the times...

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              Porter's Fried Chicken on Big Bend near Shrewsbury is my favorite. A great crispy crust which is not at all greasy. I recommend getting it to go, unless you want to smell like grease (which isn't really a bad thing, I suppose).

          2. 1. Porter's
            2. Lemp Mansion Sunday Chicken Dinner
            3. Gruchala's in Columbia, IL